2 Chronicles 34

1 son eight year Josiah in/on/with to reign he and thirty and one year to reign in/on/with Jerusalem 2 and to make [the] upright in/on/with eye YHWH/Lord and to go in/on/with way David father his and not to turn aside right and left 3 and in/on/with eight year to/for to reign him and he/she/it still he youth to profane/begin to/for to seek to/for God David father his and in/on/with two ten year to profane/begin to/for be pure [obj] Judah and Jerusalem from [the] high place and [the] Asherah and [the] idol and [the] liquid 4 and to tear to/for face his [obj] altar [the] Baal and [the] pillar which to/for above [to] from upon them to cut down/off and [the] Asherah and [the] idol and [the] liquid to break and to crush and to scatter upon face [the] grave [the] to sacrifice to/for them 5 and bone priest to burn upon altar altar their and be pure [obj] Judah and [obj] Jerusalem 6 and in/on/with city Manasseh and Ephraim and Simeon and till Naphtali in/on/with mountain house their in/on/with sword their around 7 and to tear [obj] [the] altar and [obj] [the] Asherah and [the] idol to crush to/for to crush and all [the] pillar to cut down/off in/on/with all land Israel and to return to/for Jerusalem 8 and in/on/with year eight ten to/for to reign him to/for be pure [the] land and [the] house to send [obj] Shaphan son Azaliah and [obj] Maaseiah ruler [the] city and [obj] Joah son Joahaz [the] to remember to/for to strengthen [obj] house YHWH/Lord God his 9 and to come (in) to(wards) Hilkiah [the] priest [the] great and to give [obj] [the] silver [the] to come (in) house God which to gather [the] Levite to keep [the] threshold from hand Manasseh and Ephraim and from all remnant Israel and from all Judah and Benjamin and to dwell and to return Jerusalem 10 and to give upon hand to make [the] work [the] to reckon in/on/with house YHWH/Lord and to give [obj] him to make [the] work which to make in/on/with house YHWH/Lord to/for to repair and to/for to strengthen [the] house 11 and to give to/for artificer and to/for to build to/for to buy stone hewing and tree to/for clamp and to/for to lay beams [obj] [the] house which to ruin king Judah 12 and [the] human to make in/on/with faithfulness in/on/with work and upon them to reckon Jahath and Obadiah [the] Levite from son Merari and Zechariah and Meshullam from son [the] Kohath to/for to conduct and [the] Levite all to understand in/on/with article/utensil song 13 and upon [the] burden and to conduct to/for all to make work to/for service and service and from [the] Levite secretary and official and gatekeeper 14 and in/on/with to come out they [obj] [the] silver [the] to come (in) house YHWH/Lord to find Hilkiah [the] priest [obj] scroll instruction YHWH/Lord in/on/with hand Moses 15 and to answer Hilkiah and to say to(wards) Shaphan [the] secretary scroll [the] instruction to find in/on/with house YHWH/Lord and to give Hilkiah [obj] [the] scroll to(wards) Shaphan 16 and to come (in) Shaphan [obj] [the] scroll to(wards) [the] king and to return still [obj] [the] king word to/for to say all which to give in/on/with hand servant/slave your they(masc.) to make 17 and to pour [obj] [the] silver [the] to find in/on/with house YHWH/Lord and to give him upon hand [the] to reckon and upon hand to make [the] work 18 and to tell Shaphan [the] secretary to/for king to/for to say scroll to give to/for me Hilkiah [the] priest and to call in/on/with him Shaphan to/for face [the] king 19 and to be like/as to hear [the] king [obj] word [the] instruction and to tear [obj] garment his 20 and to command [the] king [obj] Hilkiah and [obj] Ahikam son Shaphan and [obj] Abdon son Micah and [obj] Shaphan [the] secretary and [obj] Asaiah servant/slave [the] king to/for to say 21 to go to seek [obj] YHWH/Lord about/through/for me and about/through/for [the] to remain in/on/with Israel and in/on/with Judah upon word [the] scroll which to find for great rage YHWH/Lord which to pour in/on/with us upon which not to keep father our [obj] word YHWH/Lord to/for to make like/as all [the] to write upon [the] scroll [the] this 22 and to go Hilkiah and which [the] king to(wards) Huldah [the] prophetess woman Shallum son Tokhath Tikvah son Hasrah to keep [the] garment and he/she/it to dwell in/on/with Jerusalem in/on/with second and to speak to(wards) her like/as this 23 and to say to/for them thus to say YHWH/Lord God Israel to say to/for man which to send [obj] you to(wards) me 24 thus to say YHWH/Lord look! I to come (in) distress upon [the] standing place [the] this and upon to dwell his [obj] all [the] oath [the] to write upon [the] scroll which to call to/for face king Judah 25 underneath which to leave me and to offer and to offer to/for God another because to provoke me in/on/with all deed hand their and to pour rage my in/on/with standing place [the] this and not to quench 26 and to(wards) king Judah [the] to send [obj] you to/for to seek in/on/with YHWH/Lord thus to say to(wards) him thus to say YHWH/Lord God Israel [the] word which to hear 27 because be tender heart your and be humble from to/for face God in/on/with to hear you [obj] word his upon [the] standing place [the] this and upon to dwell his and be humble to/for face my and to tear [obj] garment your and to weep to/for face my and also I to hear utterance YHWH/Lord 28 look! I to gather you to(wards) father your and to gather to(wards) grave your in/on/with peace and not to see eye your in/on/with all [the] distress which I to come (in) upon [the] standing place [the] this and upon to dwell his and to return [obj] [the] king word 29 and to send [the] king and to gather [obj] all old Judah and Jerusalem 30 and to ascend [the] king house YHWH/Lord and all man Judah and to dwell Jerusalem and [the] priest and [the] Levite and all [the] people from great and till small and to call in/on/with ear their [obj] all word scroll [the] covenant [the] to find house YHWH/Lord 31 and to stand [the] king upon post his and to cut [obj] [the] covenant to/for face YHWH/Lord to/for to go after YHWH/Lord and to/for to keep [obj] commandment his and testimony his and statute his in/on/with all heart his and in/on/with all soul his to/for to make [obj] word [the] covenant [the] to write upon [the] scroll [the] this 32 and to stand [obj] all [the] to find in/on/with Jerusalem and Benjamin and to make to dwell Jerusalem like/as covenant God God father their 33 and to turn aside Josiah [obj] all [the] abomination from all [the] land which to/for son Israel and to serve [obj] all [the] to find in/on/with Israel to/for to serve [obj] YHWH/Lord God their all day his not to turn aside from after YHWH/Lord God father their