2 Chronicles 33

1 son two ten year Manasseh in/on/with to reign he and fifty and five year to reign in/on/with Jerusalem 2 and to make [the] bad in/on/with eye YHWH/Lord like/as abomination [the] nation which to possess YHWH/Lord from face son Israel 3 and to return and to build [obj] [the] high place which to tear Hezekiah father his and to arise altar to/for Baal and to make Asherah and to bow to/for all army [the] heaven and to serve [obj] them 4 and to build altar in/on/with house YHWH/Lord which to say YHWH/Lord in/on/with Jerusalem to be name my to/for forever 5 and to build altar to/for all army [the] heaven in/on/with two court house YHWH/Lord 6 and he/she/it to pass [obj] son his in/on/with fire in/on/with valley son Hinnom and to divine and to divine and to practice sorcery and to make medium and spiritist to multiply to/for to make [the] bad in/on/with eye YHWH/Lord to/for to provoke him 7 and to set [obj] idol [the] idol which to make in/on/with house [the] God which to say God to(wards) David and to(wards) Solomon son his in/on/with house [the] this and in/on/with Jerusalem which to choose from all tribe Israel to set [obj] name my to/for ever 8 and not to add to/for to turn aside [obj] foot Israel from upon [the] land which to stand to/for father your except if to keep to/for to make [obj] all which to command them to/for all [the] instruction and [the] statute and [the] justice in/on/with hand Moses 9 and to go astray Manasseh [obj] Judah and to dwell Jerusalem to/for to make evil from [the] nation which to destroy YHWH/Lord from face son Israel 10 and to speak YHWH/Lord to(wards) Manasseh and to(wards) people his and not to listen 11 and to come (in) YHWH/Lord upon them [obj] ruler [the] army which to/for king Asshur and to capture [obj] Manasseh in/on/with thistle and to bind him in/on/with bronze and to go him Babel [to] 12 and like/as be distressed to/for him to beg [obj] face YHWH/Lord God his and be humble much from to/for face God father his 13 and to pray to(wards) him and to pray to/for him and to hear supplication his and to return him Jerusalem to/for royalty his and to know Manasseh for YHWH/Lord he/she/it [the] God 14 and after so to build wall outer to/for city David west [to] to/for Gihon in/on/with torrent and to/for to come (in) in/on/with gate [the] fish and to turn to/for Ophel and to exult her much and to set ruler strength in/on/with all [the] city [the] to gather/restrain/fortify in/on/with Judah 15 and to turn aside [obj] God [the] foreign and [obj] [the] idol from house YHWH/Lord and all [the] altar which to build in/on/with mountain house YHWH/Lord and in/on/with Jerusalem and to throw outside [to] to/for city 16 and to establish and to build [obj] altar YHWH/Lord and to sacrifice upon him sacrifice peace offering and thanksgiving and to say to/for Judah to/for to serve [obj] YHWH/Lord God Israel 17 truly still [the] people to sacrifice in/on/with high place except to/for YHWH/Lord God their 18 and remainder word Manasseh and prayer his to(wards) God his and word [the] seer [the] to speak to(wards) him in/on/with name YHWH/Lord God Israel look! they upon word king Israel 19 and prayer his and to pray to/for him and all sin his and unfaithfulness his and [the] standing place which to build in/on/with them high place and to stand [the] Asherah and [the] idol to/for face be humble he look! they to write upon word seer 20 and to lie down Manasseh with father his and to bury him house his and to reign Amon son his underneath him 21 son twenty and two year Amon in/on/with to reign he and two year to reign in/on/with Jerusalem 22 and to make [the] bad in/on/with eye YHWH/Lord like/as as which to make Manasseh father his and to/for all [the] idol which to make Manasseh father his to sacrifice Amon and to serve them 23 and not be humble from to/for face YHWH/Lord like/as be humble Manasseh father his for he/she/it Amon to multiply guiltiness 24 and to conspire upon him servant/slave his and to die him in/on/with house his 25 and to smite people [the] land [obj] all [the] to conspire upon [the] king Amon and to reign people [the] land [obj] Josiah son his underneath him