2 Chronicles 35

1 and to make Josiah in/on/with Jerusalem Passover to/for YHWH/Lord and to slaughter [the] Passover in/on/with four ten to/for month [the] first 2 and to stand [the] priest upon charge their and to strengthen them to/for service house YHWH/Lord 3 and to say to/for Levite [the] to understand [the] to understand to/for all Israel [the] holy to/for YHWH/Lord to give [obj] ark [the] holiness in/on/with house which to build Solomon son David king Israel nothing to/for you burden in/on/with shoulder now to serve [obj] YHWH/Lord God your and [obj] people his Israel 4 and to establish and to establish to/for house father your like/as division your in/on/with writing David king Israel and in/on/with writing Solomon son his 5 and to stand in/on/with holiness to/for division house [the] father to/for brother your son [the] people and division house father to/for Levite 6 and to slaughter [the] Passover and to consecrate and to establish to/for brother your to/for to make like/as word YHWH/Lord in/on/with hand Moses 7 and to exalt Josiah to/for son [the] people flock lamb and son goat [the] all to/for Passover to/for all [the] to find to/for number thirty thousand and cattle three thousand these from property [the] king 8 and ruler his to/for voluntariness to/for people to/for priest and to/for Levite to exalt Hilkiah and Zechariah and Jehiel leader house [the] God to/for priest to give to/for Passover thousand and six hundred and cattle three hundred 9 and Conaniah and Conaniah and Shemaiah and Nethanel brother his and Hashabiah and Jeiel and Jozabad ruler [the] Levite to exalt to/for Levite to/for Passover five thousand and cattle five hundred 10 and to establish [the] service and to stand [the] priest upon post their and [the] Levite upon division their like/as commandment [the] king 11 and to slaughter [the] Passover and to scatter [the] priest from hand their and [the] Levite to strip 12 and to turn aside [the] burnt offering to/for to give them to/for division to/for house father to/for son [the] people to/for to present to/for YHWH/Lord like/as to write in/on/with scroll Moses and so to/for cattle 13 and to boil [the] Passover in/on/with fire like/as justice and [the] holiness to boil in/on/with pot and in/on/with pot and in/on/with dish and to run to/for all son [the] people 14 and after to establish to/for them and to/for priest for [the] priest son Aaron in/on/with to ascend [the] burnt offering and [the] fat till night and [the] Levite to establish to/for them and to/for priest son Aaron 15 and [the] to sing son Asaph upon office their like/as commandment David and Asaph and Heman and Jeduthun seer [the] king and [the] gatekeeper to/for gate and gate nothing to/for them to/for to turn aside from upon service their for brother their [the] Levite to establish to/for them 16 and to establish all service YHWH/Lord in/on/with day [the] he/she/it to/for to make [the] Passover and to ascend burnt offering upon altar YHWH/Lord like/as commandment [the] king Josiah 17 and to make son Israel [the] to find [obj] [the] Passover in/on/with time [the] he/she/it and [obj] feast [the] unleavened bread seven day 18 and not to make Passover like him in/on/with Israel from day Samuel [the] prophet and all king Israel not to make like/as Passover which to make Josiah and [the] priest and [the] Levite and all Judah and Israel [the] to find and to dwell Jerusalem 19 in/on/with eight ten year to/for royalty Josiah to make [the] Passover [the] this 20 after all this which to establish Josiah [obj] [the] house to ascend Neco king Egypt to/for to fight in/on/with Carchemish upon Euphrates and to come out to/for to encounter him Josiah 21 and to send to(wards) him messenger to/for to say what? to/for me and to/for you king Judah not upon you you(m. s.) [the] day for to(wards) house battle my and God to say to/for to dismay me to cease to/for you from God which with me and not to ruin you 22 and not to turn Josiah face his from him for to/for to fight in/on/with him to search and not to hear to(wards) word Neco from lip God and to come (in) to/for to fight in/on/with valley Megiddo 23 and to shoot [the] to shoot to/for king Josiah and to say [the] king to/for servant/slave his to pass me for be weak much 24 and to pass him servant/slave his from [the] chariot and to ride him upon chariot [the] second which to/for him and to go him Jerusalem and to die and to bury in/on/with grave father his and all Judah and Jerusalem to mourn upon Josiah 25 and to chant Jeremiah upon Josiah and to say all [the] to sing and [the] to sing in/on/with dirge their upon Josiah till [the] day and to give them to/for statute upon Israel and look! they to write upon [the] dirge 26 and remainder word Josiah and kindness his like/as to write in/on/with instruction YHWH/Lord 27 and word his [the] first and [the] last look! they to write upon scroll king Israel and Judah