Ezekiel 39

1 and you(m. s.) son man to prophesy upon Gog and to say thus to say Lord YHWH/God look! I to(wards) you Gog leader leader Meshech and Tubal 2 and to return you and to lead you and to ascend you from flank north and to come (in) you upon mountain Israel 3 and to smite bow your from hand left your and arrow your from hand right your to fall 4 upon mountain Israel to fall you(m. s.) and all band your and people which with you to/for bird of prey bird all wing and living thing [the] land to give you to/for food 5 upon face [the] land to fall for I to speak utterance Lord YHWH/God 6 and to send fire in/on/with Magog and in/on/with to dwell [the] coastland to/for security and to know for I YHWH/Lord 7 and [obj] name holiness my to know in/on/with midst people my Israel and not to profane/begin [obj] name holiness my still and to know [the] nation for I YHWH/Lord holy in/on/with Israel 8 behold to come (in) and to be utterance Lord YHWH/God he/she/it [the] day which to speak 9 and to come out to dwell city Israel and to burn and to kindle in/on/with weapon and shield and shield in/on/with bow and in/on/with arrow and in/on/with rod hand and in/on/with spear and to burn in/on/with them fire seven year 10 and not to lift tree from [the] land and not to chop from [the] wood for in/on/with weapon to burn fire and to loot [obj] to loot them and to plunder [obj] to plunder them utterance Lord YHWH/God 11 and to be in/on/with day [the] he/she/it to give to/for Gog standing place there grave in/on/with Israel valley [the] to pass east [the] sea and to muzzle he/she/it [obj] [the] to pass and to bury there [obj] Gog and [obj] all crowd his crowd his and to call valley Hamon-gog Hamon-gog 12 and to bury them house Israel because be pure [obj] [the] land seven month 13 and to bury all people [the] land and to be to/for them to/for name day to honor I utterance Lord YHWH/God 14 and human continually to separate to pass in/on/with land to bury [obj] [the] to pass [obj] [the] to remain upon face [the] land to/for be pure her from end seven month to search 15 and to pass [the] to pass in/on/with land and to see bone man and to build beside him signpost till to bury [obj] him [the] to bury to(wards) valley Hamon-gog Hamon-gog 16 and also name city Hamonah and be pure [the] land 17 and you(m. s.) son man thus to say Lord YHWH/God to say to/for bird all wing and to/for all living thing [the] land to gather and to come (in) to gather from around upon sacrifice my which I to sacrifice to/for you sacrifice great upon mountain Israel and to eat flesh and to drink blood 18 flesh mighty to eat and blood leader [the] land to drink ram ram and goat bullock fatling Bashan all their 19 and to eat fat to/for satiety and to drink blood to/for drunkenness from sacrifice my which to sacrifice to/for you 20 and to satisfy upon table my horse and chariot mighty and all man battle utterance Lord YHWH/God 21 and to give [obj] glory my in/on/with nation and to see all [the] nation [obj] justice my which to make and [obj] hand my which to set in/on/with them 22 and to know house Israel for I YHWH/Lord God their from [the] day [the] he/she/it and further 23 and to know [the] nation for in/on/with iniquity their to uncover house Israel upon which be unfaithful in/on/with me and to hide face my from them and to give them in/on/with hand enemy their and to fall in/on/with sword all their 24 like/as uncleanness their and like/as transgression their to make [obj] them and to hide face my from them 25 to/for so thus to say Lord YHWH/God now to return [obj] captivity captivity Jacob and to have compassion all house Israel and be jealous to/for name holiness my 26 and to lift [obj] shame their and [obj] all unfaithfulness their which be unfaithful in/on/with me in/on/with to dwell they upon land their to/for security and nothing to tremble 27 in/on/with to return I [obj] them from [the] people and to gather [obj] them from land enemy their and to consecrate in/on/with them to/for eye [the] nation many 28 and to know for I YHWH/Lord God their in/on/with to uncover I [obj] them to(wards) [the] nation and to gather them upon land their and not to remain still from them there 29 and not to hide still face my from them which to pour [obj] spirit my upon house Israel utterance Lord YHWH/God