Hosea 13

1 like/as to speak Ephraim trembling to lift he/she/it in/on/with Israel and be guilty in/on/with Baal and to die 2 and now to add to/for to sin and to make to/for them liquid from silver their like/as understanding their idol deed artificer all his to/for them they(masc.) to say to sacrifice man calf to kiss [emph?] 3 to/for so to be like/as cloud morning and like/as dew to rise to go like/as chaff to rage from threshing floor and like/as smoke from window 4 and I YHWH/Lord God your from land Egypt and God exception me not to know and to save nothing lest me 5 I to know you in/on/with wilderness in/on/with land drought 6 like/as pasturing their and to satisfy to satisfy and to exalt heart their upon so to forget me 7 and to be to/for them like lion like/as leopard upon way to see 8 to meet them like/as bear childless and to tear enclosure heart their and to eat them there like/as lion living thing [the] land to break up/open them 9 to ruin you Israel for in/on/with me in/on/with helper your 10 where? king your then and to save you in/on/with all city your and to judge you which to say to give [emph?] to/for me king and ruler 11 to give to/for you king in/on/with anger my and to take in/on/with fury my 12 be distressed iniquity Ephraim to treasure sin his 13 pain to beget to come (in) to/for him he/she/it son not wise for time not to stand in/on/with birth son 14 from hand Sheol to ransom them from death to redeem them where? pestilence your death where? destruction your Sheol repentance to hide from eye my (Sheol h7585) 15 for he/she/it son brother be fruitful to come (in) east spirit YHWH/Lord from wilderness to ascend and to wither fountain his and to dry spring his he/she/it to plunder treasure all article/utensil desire 16 be guilty Samaria for to rebel in/on/with God her in/on/with sword to fall infant their to dash in pieces and pregnant his to break up/open