Ezekiel 39

1 But profesie thou, sone of man, ayens Gog; and thou schalt seie, The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y on thee, thou Gog, prince of the heed of Mosoch and of Tubal. 2 And Y schal lede thee aboute, and Y schal disseyue thee, and Y schal make thee to stie fro the sidis of the north, and Y schal brynge thee on the hillis of Israel. 3 And Y schal smyte thi bouwe in thi left hond, and Y schal caste doun thin arowis fro thi riyt hond. 4 Thou schalt falle doun on the hillis of Israel, thou, and alle thi cumpenyes, and puplis that ben with thee; Y yaf thee for to be deuourid to wielde beestis, to briddis, and to ech volatil, and to the beestis of erthe. 5 Thou schalt falle doun on the face of the feeld; for Y the Lord haue spoke, seith the Lord God. 6 And Y schal sende fier in Magog, and in hem that dwellen tristili in ilis; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God of Israel. 7 And Y schal make myn hooli name knowun in the myddis of my puple Israel, and Y schal no more defoule myn hooli name; and hethene men schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God, the hooli of Israel. 8 Lo! it cometh, and it is don, seith the Lord God. 9 This is the day of which Y spak. And dwelleris schulen go out of the citees of Israel, and thei schulen set a fier, and schulen brenne armuris, scheeld and spere, bouwe and arowis, and stauys of hond, and schaftis with out irun; and thei schulen brenne tho in fier bi seuene yeer. 10 And thei schulen not bere trees of cuntries, nether schulen kitte doun of forestis, for thei schulen brenne armuris bi fier; and thei schulen take preies of hem, to whiche thei weren preies, and thei schulen rauysche her wasteris, seith the Lord God. 11 And it schal be in that dai, Y schal yyue to Gog a named place, a sepulcre in Israel, the valei of weigoeris at the eest of the see, that schal make hem that passen forth for to wondre; and thei schulen birie there Gog, and al the multitude of hym, and it schal be clepid the valei of the multitude of Gog. 12 And the hous of Israel schulen birie hem, that thei clense the lond in seuene monethis. 13 Forsothe al the puple of the lond schal byrie hym, and it schal be a named dai to hem, in which Y am glorified, seith the Lord God. 14 And thei schulen ordeyne bisili men cumpassynge the lond, that schulen birie and seke hem that weren left on the face of the lond, that thei clense it. Forsothe aftir seuene monethis thei schulen bigynne to seke, 15 and thei schulen cumpas goynge aboute the lond; and whanne thei schulen se the boon of a man, thei schulen sette a `notable signe bisidis it, til the birieris of careyns birie it in the valei of the multitude of Gog. 16 Sotheli the name of the cite is Amona; and thei schulen clense the lond. 17 Forsothe, thou, sone of man, the Lord God seith these thingis, Seie thou to ech brid, and to alle foulis, and to alle beestis of the feeld, Come ye to gidere, and haste ye, renne ye togidere on ech side to my sacrifice, which Y sle to you, a greet sacrifice on the hillis of Israel, that ye ete fleischis and drynke blood. 18 Ye schulen ete the fleischis of stronge men, and ye schulen drynke the blood of prynces of erthe, of wetheris, of lambren, and of buckis of geet, and of bolis, and of beestis maad fat, and of alle fat thingis. 19 And ye schulen ete the ynnere fatnesse in to fulnesse, and ye schulen drynke the blood in to drunkenesse, of the sacrifice which Y schal sle to you. 20 And ye schulen be fillid on my boord, of hors, and of strong horse man, and of alle men werriours, seith the Lord God. 21 And Y schal sette my glorie among hethene men, and alle hethene men schulen se my doom, which Y haue do, and myn hond, which Y haue set on hem. 22 And the hous of Israel schulen wite, that Y am her Lord God, fro that dai and afterward. 23 And hethen men schulen wite, that the hous of Israel is takun in her wickidnesse, for that that thei forsoken me; and Y hidde my face fro hem, and Y bitook hem into the hondis of enemyes, and alle thei fellen doun bi swerd. 24 Bi the unclennes and greet trespasse of hem Y dide to hem, and Y hidde my face fro hem. 25 Therfor the Lord God seith these thingis, Now Y schal leede ayen the caitiftee of Jacob, and Y schal haue merci on al the hous of Israel; and Y schal take feruoure for myn hooli name. 26 And thei schulen bere here schenschipe, and al the trespassing bi which thei trespassiden ayens me, whanne thei dwelliden in her lond tristili, and dredden no man; 27 and whanne Y schal bringe hem ayen fro puplis, and schal gadere fro the londis of her enemyes, and schal be halewid in hem, bifor the iyen of ful many folkis. 28 And thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God of hem, for that Y translatide hem in to naciouns, and haue gaderid hem on her lond, and Y lefte not ony of hem there. 29 And Y schal no more hide my face fro hem, for Y haue schede out my spirit on al the hous of Israel, seith the Lord God.