Aionian Verses

Than came all his sonnes ad all his doughters to comforte him. And he wold not be comforted but sayde: I will go doune in to ye grave vnto my sonne mornynge. And thus his father wepte for him. (Sheol h7585)
And he sayde: my sonne shall not go downe with you. For his brother is dead and he is left alone Moreouer some mysfortune myght happen vpon him by the waye which ye goo. And so shuld ye brynge my gray head with sorowe vnto the graue. (Sheol h7585)
Yf ye shall take this also awaye fro me and some mysfortune happen apon him then shall ye brynge my gray heed with sorow vnto the grave. (Sheol h7585)
then as soone as he seeth that the lad is not come he will dye. So shall we thy servautes brynge the gray hedde of thy servaunt oure father with sorow vnto the grave. (Sheol h7585)
But I say vnto you whosoever is angre with hys brother shalbe in daunger of iudgement. Whosoeuer sayeth vnto his brother Racha shalbe in dauger of a cousell. But whosoeuer sayeth thou fole shalbe in dauger of hell fyre. (Geenna g1067)
Wherfore yf thy right eye offende ye plucke hym out and caste him from the. Better it is for the yt one of thy membres perisshe then that thy hole bodye shuld be cast into hell. (Geenna g1067)
Also if thy right honde offend ye cut hym of and caste hym from the. Better yt ys that one of thy membres perisshe then that all thy body shulde be caste in to hell. (Geenna g1067)
And feare ye not them which kyll the body and be not able to kyll the soule. But rather feare hym which is able to destroye bothe soule and body into hell. (Geenna g1067)
And thou Capernau which art lift vp vnto heve shalt be brought doune to hell. For if the miracles which have bene done in the had bene shewed in zodom: they had remayned to this daye. (Hadēs g86)
And whoso ever speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man it shalbe forgeven him. But whosoever speaketh agaynst the holy goost it shall not be forgeven hym: no nether in this worlde nether in the worlde to come. (aiōn g165)
He yt was sowne amoge thornes is he yt heareth ye worde of God: but the care of this worlde and the dissaytfulnes of ryches choke ye worde and so is he made vnfrutfull. (aiōn g165)
And the enemye that soweth the is ye devell. The harvest is ye end of the worlde. And the repers be ye angels. (aiōn g165)
For eve as the tares are gaddred and bret in ye fyre: so shall it be in ye ende of this worlde. (aiōn g165)
So shall it be at the ende of the worlde. The angels shall come oute and sever the bad from the good (aiōn g165)
And I saye also vnto the yt thou arte Peter: and apon this rocke I wyll bylde my congregacion. And the gates of hell shall not prevayle ageynst it. (Hadēs g86)
Wherfore yf thy honde or thy fote offende the cut him of and cast him from the. It ys better for the to enter into lyfe halt or maymed rather then thou shuldest havinge two hondes or two fete be cast into everlasting fyre. (aiōnios g166)
And yf also thyne eye offende the plucke him oute and caste him from the. It is better for the to enter into lyfe with one eye then havyng two eyes to be cast into hell fyre. (Geenna g1067)
And beholde one came and sayde vnto him: good master what good thinge shall I do that I maye have eternall lyfe? (aiōnios g166)
And whosoever forsaketh housses or brethren or systers other father or mother or wyfe or chyldren or landes for my names sake ye same shall receave an hundred folde and shall inheret everlastynge lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
and spyed a fygge trre in the waye and came to it and founde nothinge theron but leves only and sayd to it never frute growe on the hence forwardes. And ano the fygge tree wyddered awaye. (aiōn g165)
Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites which compasse see and londe to bringe one in to youre belefe: and when he ys brought ye make him two folde more the chylde of hell then ye youre selves are. (Geenna g1067)
Yee serpentes and generacion of vipers how shuld ye scape ye dapnacio of hell? (Geenna g1067)
And as he sat vpon the mout Olivete his disciples came vnto hym secretely sayinge. Tell vs when these thinges shalbe? And what signe shalbe of thy comynge and of the ende of the worlde? (aiōn g165)
Then shall the kynge saye vnto them that shalbe on the lyfte hande: departe from me ye coursed into everlastinge fire which is prepared for the devyll and his angels. (aiōnios g166)
And these shall go into everlastinge payne: And the righteous into lyfe eternall. (aiōnios g166)
Teachinge them to observe all thynges what soever I comcommaunded you. And lo I am with you all waye even vntyll the ende of the worlde. (aiōn g165)
But he that blasphemeth ye holy goost shall never have forgevenes: but is in dauger of eternall dapnacion: (aiōn g165, aiōnios g166)
and ye care of this worlde and ye disseytfulnes of ryches and the lustes of other thinges entre in and choocke ye worde and it is made vnfrutfull. (aiōn g165)
wherfore yf thy hande offende ye cut him of. It is better for ye to entre into lyffe maymed then havynge two hondes goo into hell into fire yt never shalbe quenched (Geenna g1067)
Lykewyse yf thy fote offende the cut him of. For it is better for the to goo halt into lyfe then havynge two fete to be cast into hell into fyre that never shalbe quenched: (Geenna g1067)
Even so yf thyne eye offende the plucke him oute. It is better for the to goo into the kyngdom of god with one eye then havynge two eyes to be caste into hell fyre: (Geenna g1067)
And when he was come in to the waye ther came one runninge and kneled to him and axed him: good master what shall I do that I maye enheret eternall lyfe? (aiōnios g166)
which shall not receave an houndred foolde nowe in this lyfe: houses and brethren and sisters and mothers and chyldren and londes with persecucions: and in the worlde to come eternall lyfe. (aiōn g165, aiōnios g166)
And Iesus answered and sayde to it: never man eate frute of the here after whill ye worlde stondith. And his disciples hearde it. (aiōn g165)
and he shall raygne over ye housse of Iacob forever and of his kyngdome shalbe none ende. (aiōn g165)
Even as he promised to oure fathers Abraham and to his seede for ever. (aiōn g165)
Even as he promised by ye mouth of his holy prophetes which were sens ye worlde began (aiōn g165)
And they besought him yt he wolde not comaunde the to goo out into ye depe. (Abyssos g12)
And thou Capernau which art exalted to heave shalt be thrust doune to hell. (Hadēs g86)
And beholde a certayne Lawere stode vp and tempted him sayinge: Master what shall I do to inheret eternall life? (aiōnios g166)
But I will shewe you whom ye shall feare. Feare him which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell. Ye I saye vnto you him feare. (Geenna g1067)
And the lorde comended the vniust stewarde because he had done wysly. For ye chyldren of this worlde are in their kynde wyser then ye chyldren of lyght. (aiōn g165)
And I saye also vnto you: make you frendes of the wicked mammon that when ye shall departe they may receave you into everlastinge habitacions. (aiōnios g166)
And beinge in hell in tormetes he lyfte vp his eyes and sawe Abraham a farre of and Lazarus in his bosome (Hadēs g86)
And a certayne ruler axed him sayinge: Good Master: what ought I to do to obtayne eternall lyfe? (aiōnios g166)
which same shall not receave moche moore in this worlde: and in the worlde to come lyfe everlastinge. (aiōn g165, aiōnios g166)
Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. The chyldre of this worlde mary wyves and are maryed (aiōn g165)
but they which shalbe made worthy to enioye that worlde and the resurreccion from deeth nether mary wyves nether are maryed (aiōn g165)
that none that beleveth in him perisshe: but have eternall lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
For God so loveth the worlde yt he hath geven his only sonne that none that beleve in him shuld perisshe: but shuld have everlastinge lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
He that beleveth on the sonne hath everlastynge lyfe: and he that beleveth not the sonne shall not se lyfe but the wrathe of God abydeth on him. (aiōnios g166)
But whosoever shall drinke of ye water yt I shall geve him shall never be more a thyrst: but the water that I shall geve him shalbe in him a well of water springinge vp in to everlastinge lyfe. (aiōn g165, aiōnios g166)
And he ye repeth receaveth rewarde and gaddereth frute vnto life eternall: that bothe he that soweth and he yt repeth myght reioyse to gether. (aiōnios g166)
Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that heareth my wordes and beleveth on him that sent me hath everlastinge lyfe and shall not come into damnacion: but is scaped fro deth vnto lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
Searche the scriptures for in them ye thinke ye have eternall lyfe: and they are they which testify of me. (aiōnios g166)
Laboure not for ye meate which perissheth but for ye meate that endureth vnto everlastynge lyfe whiche meate ye sonne of ma shall geve vnto you. For him hath god ye father sealed. (aiōnios g166)
And this is the wyll of him yt sent me: yt every man which seith ye sonne and beleveth on him have everlastinge lyfe. And I will rayse him vp at ye last daye. (aiōnios g166)
Verely verely I saye vnto you he that beleveth on me hath everlastinge lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
I am that lyvinge breed which came doune from heave. Yf eny man eate of this breed he shall live forever. And the breed that I will geve is my flesshe which I will geve for the lyfe of ye worlde (aiōn g165)
Whosoever eateth my flesshe and drinketh my bloude hath eternall lyfe: and I will rayse him vp at the last daye. (aiōnios g166)
This is the breed which cam from heave: not as youre fathers have eaten Manna and are deed. He that eateth of this breed shall live ever. (aiōn g165)
Then Simon Peter answered: Master to whom shall we goo? Thou haste the wordes of eternall lyfe (aiōnios g166)
And the servaunt abydeth not in the housse for ever: But ye sonne abydeth ever. (aiōn g165)
Verely verely I saye vnto you yf a man kepe my sayinges he shall never se deeth. (aiōn g165)
Then sayde the Iewes to him: Now knowe we that thou hast the devyll. Abraha is deed and also the Prophetes: and yet thou sayest yf a man kepe my sayinge he shall never tast of deeth. (aiōn g165)
Sence ye worlde beganne was it not hearde yt eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynd. (aiōn g165)
and I geve vnto the eternall lyfe and they shall never perisshe nether shall eny man plucke the oute of my honde. (aiōn g165, aiōnios g166)
And whosoever lyveth and belevest on me shall never dye. Beleveth thou this? (aiōn g165)
He that loveth his lyfe shall destroye it: and he yt hateth his lyfe in this worlde shall kepe it vnto lyfe eternall. (aiōnios g166)
The people answered him: We have hearde of ye lawe yt Christ bydeth ever: and how sayest thou then that the sonne of man must be lifte vp? who is yt sonne of ma? (aiōn g165)
And I knowe that this comaundement is lyfe everlastinge. Whatsoever I speake therfore eve as the father bade me so I speake. (aiōnios g166)
Peter sayd vnto him: thou shalt not wesshe my fete whill ye worlde stondeth. Iesus answered him: yf I wasshe ye not thou shalt have no part with me. (aiōn g165)
and I will praye the father and he shall geve you a nother comforter yt he maye byde with you ever (aiōn g165)
as thou hast geve him power over all fleshe that he shuld geve eternall lyfe to as many as thou hast geven him. (aiōnios g166)
This is lyfe eternall that they myght knowe the that only very God and whom thou hast sent Iesus Christ. (aiōnios g166)
because thou wilt not leve my soul in hell nether wilt suffre thyne holye to se corrupcio. (Hadēs g86)
he sawe before: and spake in the resurreccion of Christ that his soule shulde not be left in hell: nether his flesse shuld se corrupcio. (Hadēs g86)
which must receave heave vntyll the tyme yt all thinges which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy Prophetes sence the worlde began be restored agayne. (aiōn g165)
Then Paul and Barnabas wexed bolde and sayde: it was mete that the worde of God shulde fyrst have bene preached to you. But seinge ye put it from you and thinke youre selfes onworthy of everlastinge lyfe: lo we turne to the gentyls. (aiōnios g166)
The getyls hearde and were glad and glorified the worde of ye Lorde and beleved: eve as many as were ordeyned vnto eternall lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
knowne vnto God are all his workes from the begynninge of the worlde. (aiōn g165)
So that his invisible thinges: that is to saye his eternall power and godhed are vnderstonde and sene by the workes from the creacion of the worlde. So that they are without excuse (aïdios g126)
which tourned his truthe vnto a lye and worshipped and served the creatures more then ye maker which is blessed for ever. Ame. (aiōn g165)
that is to saye prayse honoure and immortalite to them which cotinue in good doynge and seke eternall lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
That as synne had raigned vnto deeth even so might grace raygne thorow rightewesnes vnto eternall lyfe by the helpe of Iesu Christ. (aiōnios g166)
But now are ye delivered from synne and made the servauntes of God and have youre frute that ye shuld be sanctifyed and the ende everlastinge lyfe. (aiōnios g166)
For the rewarde of synne is deeth: but eternall lyfe is the gyfte of God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde. (aiōnios g166)
whose also are the fathers and they of whome (as concernynge the flesshe) Christ came which is God over all thinges blessed for ever Amen. (aiōn g165)
Other who shall descende into the depe? (that is nothinge els but to fetch vp Christ from deeth) (Abyssos g12)
For of him and thorow him and for him are all thinges To him be glorye for ever Amen. (aiōn g165)
And fassion not youre selves lyke vnto this worlde: But be ye chaunged in youre shape by the renuynge of youre wittes that ye maye fele what thynge that good yt acceptable and perfaycte will of god is. (aiōn g165)
To him that is of power to stablisshe you accordinge to my gospell and preachinge of Iesus Christ in vtteringe of the mistery which was kept secret sence the worlde begane (aiōnios g166)
but now is opened by ye scriptures of prophesie at the commaundement of the everlastinge god to stere vp obedience to the faith publisshed amonge all nacions: (aiōnios g166)
To the same God which alone is wyse be prayse thorowe Iesus Christ for ever. Amen. (aiōn g165)
Where is the wyse? Where is the scrybe? Where is the searcher of this worlde? Hath not God made the wysdome of this worlde folisshnes? (aiōn g165)
That we speake of is wysdome amonge them that are perfecte: not the wysdome of this worlde nether of the rulars of this worlde (which go to nought) (aiōn g165)
but we speake ye wysdome of God which is in secrete and lieth hyd which God ordeyned before the worlde vnto oure glory: (aiōn g165)
which wysdome none of ye rulars of the worlde knewe. For had they knowe it they wolde not have crucified the Lorde of glory. (aiōn g165)
Let no man deceave him silfe. Yf eny man seme wyse amonge you let him be a fole in this worlde that he maye be wyse. (aiōn g165)
Wherfore yf meate hurt my brother I will eate no flesshe whill the worlde stondeth because I will not hurte my brother. (aiōn g165)
All these thinges happened vnto them for ensamples and were written to put vs in remembraunce whom the endes of the worlde are come apon. (aiōn g165)
Deeth where is thy stynge? Hell where is thy victory? (Hadēs g86)
but in these last dayes he hath spoken vnto vs by his sonne whom he hath made heyre of all thinges: by who also he made the worlde. (aiōn g165)
But vnto the sonne he sayth: God thy seate shalbe forever and ever. The cepter of thy kyngdome is a right cepter. (aiōn g165)
As he also in another place speaketh: Thou arte a prest for ever after the order of Melchisedech. (aiōn g165)
and was made parfaite and the cause of eternall saluacion vnto all them that obey him: (aiōnios g166)
of baptyme of doctryne and of layinge on of hondes and of resurreccion from deeth and of eternall iudgemet. (aiōnios g166)
and have tasted of the good worde of God and of the power of the worlde to come: (aiōn g165)
whither ye fore runner is for vs entred in I mea Iesus that is made an hye prest for ever after the order of Melchisedech. (aiōn g165)
(For he testifieth: Thou arte a prest forever after the order of Melchysedech) (aiōn g165)
Those prestes were made wt out an oth: but this prest with an oth by him that saide vnto him The lorde sware and will not repent: Thou arte a prest for ever after the order of Melchisedech. (aiōn g165)
But this man because he endureth ever hath an everlastinge presthod. (aiōn g165)
For the lawe maketh men prestes which have infirmitie: but the worde of the othe that came fence ye lawe maketh the sonne prest which is parfecte for ever more. (aiōn g165)
nether by the bloud of gotes and calves: but by his awne bloud we entred once for all into the holy place and founde eternall redemcion. (aiōnios g166)
How moche more shall the bloud of Christ (which thorow the eternall sprete offered him silfe with out spot to God) pourdge youre consciences from deed workes for to serve the livynge god? (aiōnios g166)
And for this cause is he the mediator of ye newe testament that thorow deeth which chaunsed for the redempcion of those transgressions that were in ye fyrst testamet) they which were called myght receave the promes of eternall inheritaunce. (aiōnios g166)
for then must he have often suffered sence the worlde bega. But now in the ende of the worlde hath he appered once to put synne to flyght by the offerynge vp of him silfe. (aiōn g165)
Thorow fayth we vnderstonde that the worlde was ordeyned by the worde of god: and that thynges which are sene were made of thynges which are not sene. (aiōn g165)
Iesus Christ yesterdaye and to daye and the same continueth for ever. (aiōn g165)
The god of peace that brought agayne fro deth oure lorde Iesus the gret shepperde of the shepe thorowe the bloud of the everlastynge testamet (aiōnios g166)
make you parfect in all good workes to do his will workynge in you yt which is pleasaut in his syght thorow Iesus christ To whom be prayse for ever whill the worlde endureth Amen. (aiōn g165)
and made vs kinges and Prestes vnto God his father be glory and dominion for ever more. Amen. (aiōn g165)
and am alyve and was deed. And beholde I am alyve for ever more and have the kayes of hell and of deeth. (aiōn g165, Hadēs g86)
And when those beestes gave glory and honour and thankes to him that sat on the seate which lyveth for ever and ever: (aiōn g165)
the xxiiii. elders fell doune before him that sat on the trone and worshipped him that lyveth for ever and caste their crounes before the trone sayinge: (aiōn g165)
And all creatures which are in heven and on the erth and vnder the erth and in the see and all that are in them herd I sayinge: blyssinge honour glory and power be vnto hym that sytteth apon the seate and vnto the lambe for ever more. (aiōn g165)
And I loked and beholde a grene horsse and his name that sat on him was deeth and hell folowed after him and power was geven vnto them over the fourthe parte of the erth to kyll with swearde and with honger and with deeth that cometh of vermen of the erth. (Hadēs g86)
sayinge amen: Blessynge and glory wisdome and thankes and honour and power and myght be vnto oure god for evermore Amen. (aiōn g165)
And the fyfte angell blewe and I sawe a stare fall from heven vnto the erth. And to him was geven the kaye of the bottomlesse pytt. (Abyssos g12)
And he opened the botomlesse pytt and there arose the smoke of a grett fornace. And the sunne and the ayer were darkned by the reason of the smoke of the pytt. (Abyssos g12)
And they had a kynge over them which is the angell of the bottomlesse pytt whose name in the hebrew tonge is Abadon: but in the greke tonge Apollion. (Abyssos g12)
and swore by him that liveth for ever more which created heven and the thynges that ther in are and the see and the thynges which therin are: that there shulde be no lenger tyme: (aiōn g165)
And when they have fynysshed their testimony the beste that cam oute of the bottomlesse pytt shall make warre agaynst them and shall overcome them and kyll them. (Abyssos g12)
And the seventh angell blewe and therwere made great voyces in heve sayinge: the kyngdoms of this worlde are oure lordes and his christes and he shall raygne for ever more. (aiōn g165)
And I sawe an angell flye in the myddes of heven havynge an everlastynge gospell to preache vnto them that sytt and dwell on the erth and to all nacions kinreddes and tonges and people (aiōnios g166)
And the smoke of their turment ascendeth vp evermore. And they have no rest daye ner nyght which worshippe ye beast and his ymage and whosoever receaveth the prynt of his name. (aiōn g165)
And one of the fowre beestes gave vnto ye seve angells vii. golden vialles full of ye wrath of God which lyveth for ever more. (aiōn g165)
The best that thou seest was and is not and shall ascende out of the bottomlesse pytt and shall goo into perdicion and they that dwell on the erth shall wondre (whose names are not wrytten in the boke of lyfe from ye begynnynge of the worlde) when they beholde the best that was and ys nott. (Abyssos g12)
And agayne they said: Alleluya. And smoke rose vp for evermore. (aiōn g165)
And the beste was take and with him that falce prophett that wrought myracles before him with which he desceaved the that receaved ye beestes marke and them that worshipped his ymage. These both were cast into a pode of fyre burnyge with brymstone: (Limnē Pyr g3041 g4442)
And I sawe an angell come doune from heven havinge the kaye of the bottomlesse pyt and a gret chayne in his honde. (Abyssos g12)
and cast him into the bottomlesse pit and he bounde him and set a seale on him yt he shuld desceaue the people no moare tyll the. M. yeares were fulfilled. And after yt he muste be loosed for a litell season. (Abyssos g12)
and the devyll that desceaved them was cast into a lake of fyre and brymstone where the beest and the falce prophet were and shalbe tormented daye and nyght for ever more. (aiōn g165, Limnē Pyr g3041 g4442)
and the see gave vp her deed which were in her and deth and hell delyvered vp the deed which were in them: and they were iudged every man accordinge to his dedes. (Hadēs g86)
And deth and hell were cast into the lake of fyre. This is that second deeth. (Hadēs g86, Limnē Pyr g3041 g4442)
And whosoever was not founde written in the boke of lyfe was cast into the lake of fyre. (Limnē Pyr g3041 g4442)
But the fearefull and vnbelevynge and the abhominable and murdrers and whormongers and sorcerers and ydolaters and all lyars shall have their parte in the lake which burnyth with fyre and brymstone which is the seconde deth. (Limnē Pyr g3041 g4442)
And there shall be no nyght there and they nede no candle nether light of the sunne: for the lorde God geveth them light and they shall raygne for evermore. (aiōn g165)

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