Hosea 13

1 [Previously], when [the leaders of] Israel spoke, the people trembled; those leaders were highly respected by the Israeli people. But the people sinned greatly by [worshiping] Baal, so now they will be killed [by their enemies]. 2 Now they sin more and more; they make idols for themselves [and coat the idols] with their silver. Those idols are statues that are very cleverly made, but those statues are made by [mere] humans. But [the people are told], “Kiss those idols [that resemble a] calf, and offer sacrifices to them!” 3 Therefore, those people will [disappear quickly] like [SIM] the morning mist or the dew that lies [on the ground] early [in the morning]; [they will disappear] like [SIM] chaff that is blown away from where [the wheat] is threshed, like [SIM] smoke that goes out of a chimney. 4 But [Yahweh says to his people], “I am Yahweh, your God, [the one who brought your ancestors] out of Egypt. You must believe that only I am God and that there is no other God, and that there is no one else who can save you! 5 I took care of your [ancestors when they were] in the desert, where it was extremely [hot and] dry. 6 When I provided food for them, their [stomachs] were full, and they were satisfied. But then they became proud and they forgot [about] me, [and you are like your ancestors]! 7 So I will attack you like [SIM] a lion [attacks other animals]; I will be like [SIM] a leopard that waits beside the road [to attack another animal]. 8 Like [SIM] a female bear attacks anyone that steals her cubs, I will attack you Israelis and rip you open. I will completely destroy you like [SIM] lions or [other] wild animals tear apart the animals that they catch and devour them. 9 [You people of] Israel, you will be destroyed because you oppose me, the only one who (can help/helps) you. 10 You have a king; (why is he [unable to save you]?/but he is [unable to save you].) [RHQ] You have [RHQ] rulers in all your towns, but they are not helping you, [either]. Your [ancestors] said, ‘Appoint for us a king and [other] leaders [to rule over us] [like the other nations have]!’ 11 I was angry with them [for requesting that], but I appointed a king [to rule over] them. But [later] I became very angry with them [again], so I took their king away. 12 [I have written on a scroll] a record of the sins that have been committed by you people of Israel, and I have stored away that record. 13 You people are not wise; and now [you are helpless]. You are like [MET] a woman who is having birth pains but who is unable to give birth to the baby. 14 I certainly will not [RHQ] save you from being killed and from going to the place where the dead people are. I will [RHQ] cause you to be afflicted by plagues and to die and be buried in graves. I will not be merciful [to you]. (Sheol h7585) 15 Even if you people of Israel prosper more than the nearby nations do, [the army of Assyria] will come [like] [MET] an east wind that blows from the desert; the springs and wells in Israel will become dry; and [your enemies] will take away all your valuable possessions. 16 [You people of] Samaria must be punished because you have rebelled against [me], your God. You will be killed by [your enemies’] swords; your little children will be [killed by being] dashed/thrown to the ground; the [bellies of] women [among you] will be ripped open.”