Nehemiah 13

1 in/on/with day [the] he/she/it to call in/on/with scroll Moses in/on/with ear [the] people and to find to write in/on/with him which not to come (in) Ammon and Moabitess in/on/with assembly [the] God till forever 2 for not to meet [obj] son Israel in/on/with food and in/on/with water and to hire upon him [obj] Balaam to/for to lighten him and to overturn God our [the] curse to/for blessing 3 and to be like/as to hear they [obj] [the] instruction and to separate all racial-mix from Israel 4 and to/for face from this Eliashib [the] priest to give in/on/with chamber house God our near to/for Tobiah 5 and to make to/for him chamber great and there to be to/for face to give [obj] [the] offering [the] frankincense and [the] article/utensil and tithe [the] grain [the] new wine and [the] oil commandment [the] Levite and [the] to sing and [the] gatekeeper and contribution [the] priest 6 and in/on/with all this not to be in/on/with Jerusalem for in/on/with year thirty and two to/for Artaxerxes king Babel to come (in) to(wards) [the] king and to/for end day to ask from [the] king 7 and to come (in) to/for Jerusalem and to understand [emph?] in/on/with distress which to make Eliashib to/for Tobiah to/for to make to/for him chamber in/on/with court house [the] God 8 and be evil to/for me much and to throw [emph?] [obj] all article/utensil house Tobiah [the] outside from [the] chamber 9 and to say [emph?] and be pure [the] chamber and to return [emph?] there article/utensil house [the] God [obj] [the] offering and [the] frankincense 10 and to know [emph?] for portion [the] Levite not to give and to flee man to/for land his [the] Levite and [the] to sing to make [the] work 11 and to contend [emph?] with [the] ruler and to say [emph?] why? to leave house [the] God and to gather them and to stand them upon post their 12 and all Judah to come (in) tithe [the] grain and [the] new wine and [the] oil to/for treasure 13 and to store [emph?] upon treasure Shelemiah [the] priest and Zadok [the] secretary and Pedaiah from [the] Levite and upon hand their Hanan son Zaccur son Mattaniah for be faithful to devise and upon them to/for to divide to/for brother their 14 to remember [emph?] to/for me God my upon this and not to wipe kindness my which to make in/on/with house God my and in/on/with custody his 15 in/on/with day [the] they(masc.) to see in/on/with Judah to tread wine press in/on/with sabbath and to come (in) [the] heap and to lift upon [the] donkey and also wine grape and fig and all burden and to come (in) Jerusalem in/on/with day [the] sabbath and to testify in/on/with day to sell they food 16 and [the] Tyre to dwell in/on/with her to come (in) fish and all merchandise and to sell in/on/with sabbath to/for son Judah and in/on/with Jerusalem 17 and to contend [emph?] with noble Judah and to say [emph?] to/for them what? [the] word [the] bad [the] this which you(m. p.) to make and to profane/begin [obj] day [the] sabbath 18 not thus to make father your and to come (in) God our upon us [obj] all [the] distress [the] this and upon [the] city [the] this and you(m. p.) to add burning anger upon Israel to/for to profane/begin [obj] [the] sabbath 19 and to be like/as as which to shade gate Jerusalem to/for face [the] sabbath and to say [emph?] and to shut [the] door and to say [emph?] which not to open them till after [the] sabbath and from youth my to stand upon [the] gate not to come (in) burden in/on/with day [the] sabbath 20 and to lodge [the] to trade and to sell all sale from outside to/for Jerusalem beat and two 21 and to testify [emph?] in/on/with them and to say [emph?] to(wards) them why? you(m. p.) to lodge before [the] wall if to repeat hand to send in/on/with you from [the] time [the] he/she/it not to come (in) in/on/with sabbath 22 and to say [emph?] to/for Levite which to be be pure and to come (in) to keep [the] gate to/for to consecrate [obj] day [the] sabbath also this to remember [emph?] to/for me God my and to pity [emph?] upon me like/as abundance kindness your 23 also in/on/with day [the] they(masc.) to see [obj] [the] Jewish to dwell woman Ashdod Ashdod Ammon Ammon Moabitess 24 and son their half to speak Ashdod and nothing they to recognize to/for to speak Jewish language and like/as tongue people and people 25 and to contend with them and to lighten them and to smite from them human and to smooth them and to swear them in/on/with God if to give daughter your to/for son their and if to lift from daughter their to/for son your and to/for you 26 not upon these to sin Solomon king Israel and in/on/with nation [the] many not to be king like him and to love to/for God his to be and to give him God king upon all Israel also [obj] him to sin [the] woman [the] foreign 27 and to/for you to hear to/for to make [obj] all [the] distress [the] great [the] this to/for be unfaithful in/on/with God our to/for to dwell woman foreign 28 and from son Joiada son Eliashib [the] priest [the] great son-in-law to/for Sanballat [the] Horonite and to flee him from upon me 29 to remember [emph?] to/for them God my upon defilement [the] priesthood and covenant [the] priesthood and [the] Levite 30 and be pure them from all foreign and to stand [emph?] charge to/for priest and to/for Levite man in/on/with work his 31 and to/for offering [the] tree in/on/with time to appoint and to/for firstfruit to remember [emph?] to/for me God my to/for welfare