Luke 8

1 and to be in/on/among the/this/who in order and it/s/he to go through according to city and village to preach and to speak good news the/this/who kingdom the/this/who God and the/this/who twelve with it/s/he 2 and: woman one which to be to serve/heal away from: spirit evil/bad and: weak Mary the/this/who: call Magdalene away from which demon seven to go out 3 and Joanna: woman Chuza manager Herod and Susanna and other much who/which to serve (* it/s/he out from *NA~TR) the/this/who to be it/s/he 4 to gather then crowd much and the/this/who according to city to come/go to to/with it/s/he to say through/because of parable 5 to go out the/this/who to sow the/this/who to sow the/this/who seed it/s/he and in/on/among the/this/who to sow it/s/he which on the other hand to collapse from/with/beside the/this/who road and to trample and the/this/who bird the/this/who heaven to devour it/s/he 6 and other (* to fall down *NA~TR) upon/to/against the/this/who rock and to grow to dry through/because of the/this/who not to have/be moisture 7 and other to collapse in/on/among midst the/this/who a thorn and to grow with the/this/who a thorn to choke it/s/he 8 and other to collapse (* toward *NA~TR) the/this/who: soil the/this/who good-doer and to grow: do fruit a hundred times this/he/she/it: speak to call the/this/who to have/be ear to hear to hear 9 to question then it/s/he the/this/who disciple it/s/he (*: speak *KJV) which? this/he/she/it to be the/this/who parable 10 the/this/who then to say you to give to know the/this/who mystery the/this/who kingdom the/this/who God the/this/who then remaining in/on/among parable in order that/to to see not to see and to hear not to understand 11 to be then this/he/she/it the/this/who parable the/this/who seed to be the/this/who word the/this/who God 12 the/this/who then from/with/beside the/this/who road to be the/this/who (* to hear *NA~TR) then to come/go the/this/who devilish/the Devil and to take up the/this/who word away from the/this/who heart it/s/he in order that/to not to trust (in) to save 13 the/this/who then upon/to/against the/this/who rock which when(-ever) to hear with/after joy to receive the/this/who word and this/he/she/it root no to have/be which to/with time/right time to trust (in) and in/on/among time/right time: temptation to leave 14 the/this/who then toward the/this/who a thorn to collapse this/he/she/it to be the/this/who to hear and: by concern and riches and pleasure the/this/who life to travel to choke and no to mature 15 the/this/who then in/on/among the/this/who Fair: soil this/he/she/it to be who/which in/on/among heart Fair and good-doer to hear the/this/who word to hold back/fast and to bear fruit in/on/among perseverance 16 none then lamp to touch to cover it/s/he vessel or under bed to place but upon/to/against lampstand (* to place *NA~TR) in order that/to the/this/who to enter to see the/this/who light 17 no for to be hidden which no clear to be and not concealed which no (* not *NA-TR) (* to know *NA~TR) and toward clear to come/go 18 to see therefore/then how! to hear which (* if *NA~TR) for to have/be to give it/s/he and which (* if *NA~TR) not to have/be and which to think to have/be to take up away from it/s/he 19 (* to come *NA~TR) then to/with it/s/he the/this/who mother and the/this/who brother it/s/he and no be able to meet with it/s/he through/because of the/this/who crowd 20 to announce (* then *NA~TR) it/s/he (*: speak *KJV) the/this/who mother you and the/this/who brother you to stand out/outside(r): know to will/desire you 21 the/this/who then to answer to say to/with it/s/he mother I/we and brother I/we this/he/she/it to be the/this/who the/this/who word the/this/who God to hear and: do (* it/s/he *KJV) 22 to be (* then *NA~TR) in/on/among one the/this/who day and it/s/he to climb toward boat and the/this/who disciple it/s/he and to say to/with it/s/he to pass through toward the/this/who other side the/this/who lake and to lead 23 to sail then it/s/he to fall sleep and to come/go down storm wind toward the/this/who lake and to (ful)fill and be in danger 24 to come near/agree then to arouse it/s/he: speak master master to destroy the/this/who then (* to arouse *NA~TR) to rebuke the/this/who wind and the/this/who waves the/this/who water and to cease and to be calm 25 to say then it/s/he where? (* to be *KJV+) the/this/who: faith you to fear then to marvel: speak to/with one another which? therefore this/he/she/it to be: that and the/this/who wind to command and the/this/who water and to obey it/s/he 26 and to sail toward the/this/who country the/this/who (* Gerasene *NA~TR) who/which to be opposite the/this/who Galilee 27 to go out then it/s/he upon/to/against the/this/who: soil to go meet (* it/s/he *KJV): man one out from the/this/who city (* which *KJV) (* to have/be *NA~TR) demon and (* out from *KJV) (* time sufficient *NA~TR) no (* to put on *NA~TR) clothing and in/on/among: home no to stay but in/on/among the/this/who tomb 28 : know then the/this/who Jesus (* and *KJV) to yell to fall/beat it/s/he and: noise great to say which? I/we and you Jesus son the/this/who God the/this/who Highest to pray you not I/we: torture 29 to order for the/this/who: spirit the/this/who unclean to go out away from the/this/who a human much for time to seize it/s/he and (* to bind *NA~TR) chain and fetter: observe and to tear the/this/who chain to drive (*: by *NA~TR) the/this/who (* demon *NA~TR) toward the/this/who deserted 30 to question then it/s/he the/this/who Jesus (*: speak *KJV) which? you name to be the/this/who then to say (* Legion *NA~TR): that to enter demon much toward it/s/he 31 and (* to plead/comfort *NA~TR) it/s/he in order that/to not to command it/s/he toward the/this/who abyss to go away (Abyssos g12) 32 to be then there herd pig sufficient (* to feed *NA~TR) in/on/among the/this/who mountain and (* to plead/comfort *NA~TR) it/s/he in order that/to to permit it/s/he toward that to enter and to permit it/s/he 33 to go out then the/this/who demon away from the/this/who a human (* to enter *NA~TR) toward the/this/who pig and to stampede the/this/who herd according to the/this/who cliff toward the/this/who lake and to choke 34 : know then the/this/who to feed the/this/who (* to be *NA~TR) to flee and (* to go away *KJV) to announce toward the/this/who city and toward the/this/who Field of 35 to go out then: know the/this/who to be and to come/go to/with the/this/who Jesus and to find/meet to sit the/this/who a human away from which the/this/who demon (* to go out *NA~TR) to dress and be of sound mind from/with/beside the/this/who foot the/this/who Jesus and to fear 36 to announce then it/s/he (* and *KJV) the/this/who: know how! to save the/this/who be demonised 37 and (* to ask *NA~TR) it/s/he all the/this/who multitude the/this/who surrounding region the/this/who (* Gerasene *NA~TR) to go away away from it/s/he: that fear great to hold/oppress it/s/he then to climb toward (* the/this/who *KJV) boat to return 38 (* to pray *NA~TR) then it/s/he the/this/who: man away from which to go out the/this/who demon to be with it/s/he: release then it/s/he (* the/this/who Jesus *KJV+): speak 39 to return toward the/this/who: home you and to relate fully just as/how much you: do the/this/who God and to go away according to all the/this/who city to preach just as/how much: do it/s/he the/this/who Jesus 40 (* to be *KJV) in/on/among then the/this/who (* to return *NA~TR) the/this/who Jesus to receive it/s/he the/this/who crowd to be for all to look for it/s/he 41 and look! to come/go: man which name Jairus and (* this/he/she/it *NA~TR) ruler the/this/who synagogue to be and to collapse from/with/beside the/this/who foot the/this/who Jesus to plead/comfort it/s/he to enter toward the/this/who: home it/s/he 42 : that daughter unique to be it/s/he as/when year twelve and it/s/he to die in/on/among then the/this/who to go it/s/he the/this/who crowd to choke it/s/he 43 and: woman to be in/on/among discharge Blood away from year twelve who/which (* toward *KJV) (* physician *NA~TR) to expend all the/this/who life (* it/s/he *KJV+) no be strong (* away from *NA~TR) none to serve/heal 44 to come near/agree after to touch the/this/who edge the/this/who clothing it/s/he and instantly to stand the/this/who discharge the/this/who Blood it/s/he 45 and to say the/this/who Jesus which? the/this/who to touch I/we to deny then all to say the/this/who Peter (* and the/this/who with/after it/s/he *KJV) master the/this/who crowd to hold/oppress you and to crowd up to (* and: speak which? the/this/who to touch I/we *KJV) 46 the/this/who then Jesus to say to touch I/we one I/we for to know power (* to go out *NA~TR) away from of me 47 : know then the/this/who: woman: that no be hidden to tremble to come/go and to fall/beat it/s/he through/because of which cause/charge to touch it/s/he to announce (* it/s/he *KJV) before all the/this/who a people and as/when to heal instantly 48 the/this/who then to say it/s/he (* take heart *KJV) (* daughter *NA~TR) the/this/who: faith you to save you to travel toward peace 49 still it/s/he to speak to come/go one from/with/beside the/this/who synagogue leader: speak (* it/s/he *KJV): that to die/be dead the/this/who daughter you (* never again *NA~TR) to trouble the/this/who teacher 50 the/this/who then Jesus to hear to answer it/s/he (*: speak *KJV) not to fear alone (* to trust (in) *NA~TR) and to save 51 (* to come/go *NA~TR) then toward the/this/who: home no: leave to enter (* one *NA~TR) (* with it/s/he *NA-TR): if not Peter and John and James and the/this/who father the/this/who child and the/this/who mother 52 to weep then all and to cut/mourn it/s/he the/this/who then to say not to weep no (* for *NA-TR) to die but to sleep 53 and to mock it/s/he: know: that to die 54 it/s/he then (* to expel out/outside(r) all and *KJV) to grasp/seize the/this/who hand it/s/he to call: speak the/this/who child (* to arise *NA~TR) 55 and to turn the/this/who: spirit it/s/he and to arise instantly and to direct it/s/he to give to eat 56 and to amaze the/this/who parent it/s/he the/this/who then to order it/s/he nothing to say the/this/who to be