Luke 22

1 to come near then the/this/who festival the/this/who unleavened the/this/who: speak Passover lamb 2 and to seek the/this/who high-priest and the/this/who scribe the/this/who how! to kill it/s/he to fear for the/this/who a people 3 to enter then (* the/this/who *KJV) Satan toward Judas the/this/who (*: call *NA~TR) Iscariot to be out from the/this/who number the/this/who twelve 4 and to go away to talk with the/this/who high-priest and (* the/this/who *KJV) officer/magistrate the/this/who how! it/s/he to deliver it/s/he 5 and to rejoice and to agree it/s/he money to give 6 and to agree and to seek opportunity the/this/who to deliver it/s/he without crowd it/s/he 7 to come/go then the/this/who day the/this/who unleavened in/on/among which be necessary to sacrifice the/this/who Passover lamb 8 and to send Peter and John to say to travel to make ready I/we the/this/who Passover lamb in order that/to to eat 9 the/this/who then to say it/s/he where? to will/desire (* to make ready *NA~TR) 10 the/this/who then to say it/s/he look! to enter you toward the/this/who city to meet you a human clay jar water to carry to follow it/s/he toward the/this/who: home (* toward *NA-TR) (* which *NA~TR) to enter 11 and to say the/this/who householder the/this/who: home: speak you the/this/who teacher where? to be the/this/who guest room/inn where(-ever) the/this/who Passover lamb with/after the/this/who disciple I/we to eat 12 and that you to show an upper room great to spread there to make ready 13 to go away then to find/meet as/just as (* to say *NA~TR) it/s/he and to make ready the/this/who Passover lamb 14 and when to be the/this/who hour to recline and the/this/who (* twelve *KJV) apostle with it/s/he 15 and to say to/with it/s/he desire to long for this/he/she/it the/this/who Passover lamb to eat with/after you before the/this/who I/we to suffer 16 : speak for you: that (* no still *KJV) no not to eat (* out from *KJV) (* it/s/he *NA~TR) until who/which to fulfill in/on/among the/this/who kingdom the/this/who God 17 and to receive cup to thank to say to take this/he/she/it and to divide (* toward *NA-TR) (* themself *NA~TR) 18 : speak for you: that no not to drink away from the/this/who (* now *NA-TR) away from the/this/who (* produce *NA~TR) the/this/who vine until (* which *NA~TR) the/this/who kingdom the/this/who God to come/go 19 and to take bread to thank to break and to give it/s/he: speak this/he/she/it to be the/this/who body I/we the/this/who above/for you to give this/he/she/it: do toward the/this/who mine remembrance 20 and the/this/who cup likewise with/after the/this/who to dine: speak this/he/she/it the/this/who cup the/this/who new covenant in/on/among the/this/who Blood I/we the/this/who above/for you to pour out 21 but/however look! the/this/who hand the/this/who to deliver I/we with/after of me upon/to/against the/this/who table 22 (*: that *NA~TR) the/this/who son on the other hand the/this/who a human according to the/this/who to determine to travel but/however woe! the/this/who a human that through/because of which to deliver 23 and it/s/he be first to debate to/with themself the/this/who which? therefore to be out from it/s/he the/this/who this/he/she/it to ensue to do/require 24 to be then and love of dispute in/on/among it/s/he the/this/who which? it/s/he to think to be great 25 the/this/who then to say it/s/he the/this/who king the/this/who Gentiles to lord over it/s/he and the/this/who to have authority it/s/he benefactor: call 26 you then no thus(-ly) but the/this/who great in/on/among you (* to be *NA~TR) as/when the/this/who new and the/this/who to govern as/when the/this/who to serve 27 which? for great the/this/who to recline or the/this/who to serve not the/this/who to recline I/we then in/on/among midst you to be as/when the/this/who to serve 28 you then to be the/this/who to remain with/after of me in/on/among the/this/who: temptation I/we 29 and I/we to make a covenant you as/just as to make a covenant I/we the/this/who father I/we kingdom 30 in order that/to to eat and to drink upon/to/against the/this/who table I/we in/on/among the/this/who kingdom I/we and (* to sit *NA~TR) upon/to/against throne the/this/who twelve tribe to judge the/this/who Israel 31 (* to say then the/this/who: God *KJV) Simon Simon look! the/this/who Satan to demand/ask for you the/this/who to sift as/when the/this/who grain 32 I/we then to pray about you in order that/to not (* to fail *NA~TR) the/this/who: faith you and you once/when to turn to establish the/this/who brother you 33 the/this/who then to say it/s/he: God with/after you ready to be and toward: prison and toward death to travel 34 the/this/who then to say: speak you Peter no (* not *KJV) (* to call *NA~TR) today rooster (* until *NA~TR) three times I/we to deny (* not *KJV): know 35 and to say it/s/he when to send you without purse and bag and sandal not one to lack the/this/who then to say none 36 to say (* then *NA~TR) it/s/he but now the/this/who to have/be purse to take up similarly and bag and the/this/who not to have/be (* to sell *NA~TR) the/this/who clothing it/s/he and (* to buy *NA~TR) sword 37 : speak for you: that (* still *KJV) this/he/she/it the/this/who to write to bind to finish in/on/among I/we the/this/who and with/after lawless to count and for (* the/this/who *NA~TR) about of me goal/tax to have/be 38 the/this/who then to say: God look! sword here two the/this/who then to say it/s/he sufficient to be 39 and to go out to travel according to the/this/who custom toward the/this/who mountain the/this/who Olivet to follow then it/s/he and the/this/who disciple (* it/s/he *KJV) 40 to be then upon/to/against the/this/who place to say it/s/he to pray not to enter toward: temptation 41 and it/s/he to draw away away from it/s/he like/as/about stone throwing and to place the/this/who a knee to pray 42 : speak father: if to plan (* to take away *NA~TR) this/he/she/it the/this/who cup away from of me but/however not the/this/who will/desire I/we but the/this/who your (* to be *NA~TR) 43 : see then it/s/he: messenger away from (* the/this/who *NATR?) heaven to strengthen it/s/he 44 and to be in/on/among a struggle earnestly to pray (* and *NA~TR) to be the/this/who sweat it/s/he like/as/about drop Blood to come/go down upon/to/against the/this/who: soil 45 and to arise away from the/this/who prayer to come/go to/with the/this/who disciple to find/meet to sleep it/s/he away from the/this/who grief 46 and to say it/s/he which? to sleep to arise to pray in order that/to not to enter toward: temptation 47 still (* then *KJV) it/s/he to speak look! crowd and the/this/who: speak Judas one the/this/who twelve to go before (* it/s/he *NA~TR) and to come near the/this/who Jesus to love it/s/he 48 (* the/this/who *KJV) Jesus then to say it/s/he Judas kiss the/this/who son the/this/who a human to deliver 49 : know then the/this/who about it/s/he the/this/who to be to say (* it/s/he *KJV): God: if to strike in/on/among sword 50 and to strike one one out from it/s/he the/this/who high-priest the/this/who slave and to remove the/this/who ear it/s/he the/this/who right 51 to answer then the/this/who Jesus to say to allow until this/he/she/it and to touch the/this/who ear (* it/s/he *KJV) to heal it/s/he 52 to say then (* the/this/who *KJV) Jesus to/with the/this/who to come upon/to/against it/s/he high-priest and officer/magistrate the/this/who temple and: Elder as/when upon/to/against robber/rebel (* to go out *NA~TR) with/after sword and wood 53 according to day to be I/we with/after you in/on/among the/this/who temple no to stretch out the/this/who hand upon/to/against I/we but this/he/she/it to be you the/this/who hour and the/this/who authority the/this/who darkness 54 to seize/conceive/help then it/s/he to bring and to bring in (* it/s/he *KJV) toward (* the/this/who: home *NA~TR) the/this/who high-priest the/this/who then Peter to follow from afar 55 (* to touch *NA~TR) then fire in/on/among midst the/this/who palace/courtyard and to sit down with (* it/s/he *KJV) to sit the/this/who Peter (* in/on/among *KJV) (* midst *NA~TR) it/s/he 56 : know then it/s/he maidservant one to sit to/with the/this/who light and to gaze it/s/he to say and this/he/she/it with it/s/he to be 57 the/this/who then to deny (* it/s/he *KJV): speak no: know it/s/he: woman 58 and with/after little other: know it/s/he to say and you out from it/s/he to be the/this/who then Peter (* to say *NA~TR) a human no to be 59 and to pass like/as/about hour one another one to insist: speak upon/to/against truth and this/he/she/it with/after it/s/he to be and for Galilean to be 60 to say then the/this/who Peter a human no: know which: speak and instantly still to speak it/s/he to call (* the/this/who *KJV) rooster 61 and to turn the/this/who: God to look into/upon the/this/who Peter and to remind the/this/who Peter the/this/who (* declaration *NA~TR) the/this/who: God as/when to say it/s/he: that before rooster to call (* today *NA-TR) to deny I/we three times 62 and to go out out/outside(r) (* the/this/who Peter *KJV) to weep bitterly 63 and the/this/who: man the/this/who to hold/oppress (* the/this/who *KJV) (* it/s/he *NA~TR) to mock it/s/he to beat up 64 and to cover it/s/he (* to strike it/s/he the/this/who face and *KJV) to question (* it/s/he *KJV): speak to prophesy which? to be the/this/who to strike you 65 and other much to blaspheme: speak toward it/s/he 66 and as/when to be day to assemble the/this/who council of elders the/this/who a people high-priest and/both and scribe and (* to lead away *NA~TR) it/s/he toward the/this/who council (* it/s/he *NA~TR) 67 : speak: if you to be the/this/who Christ to say I/we to say then it/s/he if you to say no not to trust (in) 68 if then (* and *KJV) to ask no not to answer (* I/we or: release *KJV) 69 away from the/this/who now (* then *NA-TR) to be the/this/who son the/this/who a human to sit out from right the/this/who power the/this/who God 70 to say then all you therefore/then to be the/this/who son the/this/who God the/this/who then to/with it/s/he to say you: speak: that I/we to be 71 the/this/who then to say which? still to have/be testimony need it/s/he for to hear away from the/this/who mouth it/s/he