Luke 19

1 and to enter to pass through the/this/who Jericho 2 and look!: man name: call Zacchaeus and it/s/he to be chief tax collector and (* it/s/he *NA~TR) (* to be *KJV+) rich 3 and to seek: know the/this/who Jesus which? to be and no be able away from the/this/who crowd: that the/this/who age/height small to be 4 and to outrun (* toward the/this/who *NA-TR) before to ascend upon/to/against sycamore tree in order that/to: know it/s/he: that (* through/because of *KJV) that to ensue to pass through 5 and as/when to come/go upon/to/against the/this/who place to look up/again the/this/who Jesus (*: know it/s/he and *KJV) to say to/with it/s/he Zacchaeus to hasten to come/go down today for in/on/among the/this/who: home you to bind I/we to stay 6 and to hasten to come/go down and to receive it/s/he to rejoice 7 and: know (* all *NA~TR) to murmur: speak: that from/with/beside sinful: man to enter to destroy/lodge 8 to stand then Zacchaeus to say to/with the/this/who: God look! the/this/who half I/we the/this/who to be: God the/this/who poor to give and: if one one to extort to pay fourfold 9 to say then to/with it/s/he the/this/who Jesus: that today salvation the/this/who: home this/he/she/it to be as/just as and it/s/he son Abraham to be 10 to come/go for the/this/who son the/this/who a human to seek and to save the/this/who to destroy 11 to hear then it/s/he this/he/she/it to add (to) to say parable through/because of the/this/who near to be Jerusalem it/s/he and to think it/s/he: that instantly to ensue the/this/who kingdom the/this/who God to appear 12 to say therefore/then a human one of noble birth to travel toward country long/distant to take themself kingdom and to return 13 : call then ten slave themself to give it/s/he ten mina and to say to/with it/s/he (* to trade in/on/among *NA~TR) (* which *NA-TR) to come/go 14 the/this/who then citizen it/s/he to hate it/s/he and to send delegation after it/s/he: speak no to will/desire this/he/she/it to reign upon/to/against I/we 15 and to be in/on/among the/this/who to return it/s/he to take the/this/who kingdom and to say to call it/s/he the/this/who slave this/he/she/it which (* to give *NA~TR) the/this/who money in order that/to to know (* which? *KJV) which? (* to gain in trade *NA~TR) 16 to come then the/this/who: first: speak: God the/this/who mina you ten (* to earn more *NA~TR) mina 17 and to say it/s/he (* well done *NA~TR) good-doer slave: that in/on/among least faithful to be to be authority to have/be above ten city 18 and to come/go the/this/who secondly: speak the/this/who mina you: God: do five mina 19 to say then and this/he/she/it and you above to be five city 20 and the/this/who other to come/go: speak: God look! the/this/who mina you which to have/be to lay up in/on/among handkerchief 21 to fear for you: that a human severe to be to take up which no to place and to reap which no to sow 22 : speak (* then *KJV) it/s/he out from the/this/who mouth you to judge you evil/bad slave: know: that I/we a human severe to be to take up which no to place and to reap which no to sow 23 and through/because of which? no to give I/we the/this/who money upon/to/against (* the/this/who *KJV) table and I/we to come/go with interest if it/s/he to do/require 24 and the/this/who to stand by to say to take up away from it/s/he the/this/who mina and to give the/this/who the/this/who ten mina to have/be 25 and to say it/s/he: God to have/be ten mina 26 : speak (* for *KJV) you: that all the/this/who to have/be to give away from then the/this/who not to have/be and which to have/be to take up (* away from it/s/he *KJV) 27 but/however the/this/who enemy I/we (* this/he/she/it *NA~TR) the/this/who not to will/desire I/we to reign upon/to/against it/s/he to bring here and to slaughter it/s/he before I/we 28 and to say this/he/she/it to travel before to ascend toward Jerusalem 29 and to be as/when to come near toward Bethphage and Bethany to/with the/this/who mountain the/this/who: call Olivet to send two the/this/who disciple (* it/s/he *KJV) 30 (*: speak *NA~TR) to go toward the/this/who before village in/on/among which to enter to find/meet colt to bind upon/to/against which none ever a human to seat (* and *NA-TR) to loose it/s/he to bring 31 and if one you to ask through/because of which? to loose thus(-ly) to say (* it/s/he *KJV): that the/this/who: God it/s/he need to have/be 32 to go away then the/this/who to send to find/meet as/just as to say it/s/he 33 to loose then it/s/he the/this/who colt to say the/this/who: God it/s/he to/with it/s/he which? to loose the/this/who colt 34 the/this/who then to say (*: that *NA-TR) the/this/who: God it/s/he need to have/be 35 and to bring it/s/he to/with the/this/who Jesus and to throw on (* it/s/he *NA~TR) the/this/who clothing upon/to/against the/this/who colt to mount the/this/who Jesus 36 to travel then it/s/he to spread the/this/who clothing (* it/s/he *NA~TR) in/on/among the/this/who road 37 to come near then it/s/he already to/with the/this/who descent the/this/who mountain the/this/who Olivet be first all the/this/who multitude the/this/who disciple to rejoice to praise the/this/who God: noise great about (* all *NA~TR) which: know power 38 : speak to praise/bless the/this/who to come/go the/this/who king in/on/among name: God in/on/among heaven peace and glory in/on/among Highest 39 and one the/this/who Pharisee away from the/this/who crowd to say to/with it/s/he teacher to rebuke the/this/who disciple you 40 and to answer to say (* it/s/he *KJV): speak you (*: that *KJV) if this/he/she/it (* be quiet *NA~TR) the/this/who stone (* to cry *NA~TR) 41 and as/when to come near: know the/this/who city to weep upon/to/against (* it/s/he *NA~TR) 42 : speak: that: if to know (* and indeed *KJV) in/on/among the/this/who day (* you *KJV) this/he/she/it and you the/this/who to/with peace (* you *KJV) now then to hide away from eye you 43 : that to come/be present day upon/to/against you and (* to encamp *NA~TR) the/this/who enemy you barricade you and to surround you and to hold/oppress you from all sides 44 and to raze you and the/this/who child you in/on/among you and no: leave stone upon/to/against (* stone *NA~TR) in/on/among you for which no to know the/this/who time/right time the/this/who oversight you 45 and to enter toward the/this/who temple be first to expel the/this/who to sell (* in/on/among it/s/he and to buy *KJV) 46 : speak it/s/he to write (* and *NA-TR) (* to be *NA~TR) the/this/who: home I/we: home prayer you then it/s/he: do cave robber/rebel 47 and to be to teach the/this/who according to day in/on/among the/this/who temple the/this/who then high-priest and the/this/who scribe to seek it/s/he to destroy and the/this/who: first the/this/who a people 48 and no to find/meet the/this/who which?: do the/this/who a people for all to hang upon it/s/he to hear