Joshua 17

1 and to be [the] allotted to/for tribe Manasseh for he/she/it firstborn Joseph to/for Machir firstborn Manasseh father [the] Gilead for he/she/it to be man battle and to be to/for him [the] Gilead and [the] Bashan 2 and to be to/for son Manasseh [the] to remain to/for family their to/for son Abiezer and to/for son Helek and to/for son Asriel and to/for son Shechem and to/for son Hepher and to/for son Shemida these son Manasseh son Joseph [the] male to/for family their 3 and to/for Zelophehad son Hepher son Gilead son Machir son Manasseh not to be to/for him son that except daughter and these name daughter his Mahlah and Noah Hoglah Milcah and Tirzah 4 and to present to/for face Eleazar [the] priest and to/for face Joshua son Non and to/for face [the] leader to/for to say YHWH/Lord to command [obj] Moses to/for to give to/for us inheritance in/on/with midst brother our and to give to/for them to(wards) lip YHWH/Lord inheritance in/on/with midst brother father their 5 and to fall cord Manasseh ten to/for alone from land [the] Gilead and [the] Bashan which from side to/for Jordan 6 for daughter Manasseh to inherit inheritance in/on/with midst son his and land [the] Gilead to be to/for son Manasseh [the] to remain 7 and to be border Manasseh from Asher [the] Michmethath which upon face Shechem and to go [the] border to(wards) [the] right to(wards) to dwell En-tappuah En-tappuah 8 to/for Manasseh to be land Tappuah and Tappuah to(wards) border Manasseh to/for son Ephraim 9 and to go down [the] border torrent Kanah Negeb [to] to/for torrent city [the] these to/for Ephraim in/on/with midst city Manasseh and border Manasseh from north to/for torrent and to be outgoing his [the] sea [to] 10 Negeb [to] to/for Ephraim and north [to] to/for Manasseh and to be [the] sea border his and in/on/with Asher to fall on [emph?] from north and in/on/with Issachar from east 11 and to be to/for Manasseh in/on/with Issachar and in/on/with Asher Beth-shean Beth-shean and daughter her and Ibleam and daughter her and [obj] to dwell Dor and daughter her and to dwell En-dor En-dor and daughter her and to dwell Taanach and daughter her and to dwell Megiddo and daughter her three [the] Naphath 12 and not be able son Manasseh to/for to possess [obj] [the] city [the] these and be willing [the] Canaanite to/for to dwell in/on/with land [the] this 13 and to be for to strengthen son Israel and to give [obj] [the] Canaanite to/for taskworker and to possess not to possess him 14 and to speak son Joseph with Joshua to/for to say why? to give to/for me inheritance allotted one and cord one and I people many till which till thus to bless me YHWH/Lord 15 and to say to(wards) them Joshua if people many you(m. s.) to ascend to/for you [the] wood [to] and to create to/for you there in/on/with land [the] Perizzite and [the] Rephaim for to hasten to/for you mountain Ephraim 16 and to say son Joseph not to find to/for us [the] mountain and chariot iron in/on/with all [the] Canaanite [the] to dwell in/on/with land [the] valley to/for which in/on/with Beth-shean Beth-shean and daughter her and to/for which in/on/with valley Jezreel 17 and to say Joshua to(wards) house Joseph to/for Ephraim and to/for Manasseh to/for to say people many you(m. s.) and strength great to/for you not to be to/for you allotted one 18 for mountain to be to/for you for wood he/she/it and to create him and to be to/for you outgoing his for to possess [obj] [the] Canaanite for chariot iron to/for him for strong he/she/it