Ezekiel 11

1 and to lift [obj] me spirit and to come (in) [obj] me to(wards) gate house YHWH/Lord [the] eastern [the] to turn east [to] and behold in/on/with entrance [the] gate twenty and five man and to see in/on/with midst their [obj] Jaazaniah son Azzur and [obj] Pelatiah son Benaiah ruler [the] people 2 and to say to(wards) me son man these [the] human [the] to devise evil and [the] to advise counsel evil in/on/with city [the] this 3 [the] to say not in/on/with near to build house he/she/it [the] pot and we [the] flesh 4 to/for so to prophesy upon them to prophesy son man 5 and to fall upon me spirit YHWH/Lord and to say to(wards) me to say thus to say YHWH/Lord so to say house Israel and thought spirit your I to know her 6 to multiply slain your in/on/with city [the] this and to fill outside her slain 7 to/for so thus to say Lord YHWH/God slain your which to set in/on/with midst her they(masc.) [the] flesh and he/she/it [the] pot and [obj] you to come out from midst her 8 sword to fear and sword to come (in) upon you utterance Lord YHWH/God 9 and to come out [obj] you from midst her and to give [obj] you in/on/with hand be a stranger and to make in/on/with you judgment 10 in/on/with sword to fall upon border Israel to judge [obj] you and to know for I YHWH/Lord 11 he/she/it not to be to/for you to/for pot and you(m. p.) to be in/on/with midst her to/for flesh to(wards) border Israel to judge [obj] you 12 and to know for I YHWH/Lord which in/on/with statute my not to go and justice my not to make and like/as justice [the] nation which around you to make 13 and to be like/as to prophesy I and Pelatiah son Benaiah to die and to fall upon face my and to cry out voice great and to say alas! Lord YHWH/God consumption you(m. s.) to make with remnant Israel 14 and to be word YHWH/Lord to(wards) me to/for to say 15 son man brother your brother your human redemption your and all house Israel all his which to say to/for them to dwell Jerusalem to remove from upon YHWH/Lord to/for us he/she/it to give [the] land to/for possession 16 to/for so to say thus to say Lord YHWH/God for to remove them in/on/with nation and for to scatter them in/on/with land and to be to/for them to/for sanctuary little in/on/with land which to come (in) there 17 to/for so to say thus to say Lord YHWH/God and to gather [obj] you from [the] people and to gather [obj] you from [the] land which to scatter in/on/with them and to give to/for you [obj] land Israel 18 and to come (in) there [to] and to turn aside [obj] all abomination her and [obj] all abomination her from her 19 and to give to/for them heart one and spirit new to give in/on/with entrails your and to turn aside heart [the] stone from flesh their and to give to/for them heart flesh 20 because in/on/with statute my to go and [obj] justice my to keep and to make [obj] them and to be to/for me to/for people and I to be to/for them to/for God 21 and to(wards) heart abomination their and abomination their heart their to go way their in/on/with head their to give utterance Lord YHWH/God 22 and to lift [the] cherub [obj] wing their and [the] wheel to/for close them and glory God Israel upon them from to/for above [to] 23 and to ascend glory YHWH/Lord from upon midst [the] city and to stand upon [the] mountain which from front to/for city 24 and spirit to lift me and to come (in) me Chaldea [to] to(wards) [the] captivity in/on/with appearance in/on/with spirit God and to ascend from upon me [the] appearance which to see 25 and to speak to(wards) [the] captivity [obj] all word YHWH/Lord which to see me