2 Chronicles 10

1 and to go Rehoboam Shechem [to] for Shechem to come (in) all Israel to/for to reign [obj] him 2 and to be like/as to hear Jeroboam son Nebat and he/she/it in/on/with Egypt which to flee from face Solomon [the] king and to return Jeroboam from Egypt 3 and to send and to call to/for him and to come (in) Jeroboam and all Israel and to speak to(wards) Rehoboam to/for to say 4 father your to harden [obj] yoke our and now to lighten from service father your [the] severe and from yoke his [the] heavy which to give upon us and to serve you 5 and to say to(wards) them still three day and to return to(wards) me and to go [the] people 6 and to advise [the] king Rehoboam with [the] old which to be to stand to/for face Solomon father his in/on/with to be he alive to/for to say how? you(m. p.) to advise to/for to return to/for people [the] this word 7 and to speak to(wards) him to/for to say if to be to/for pleasant to/for [the] people [the] this and to accept them and to speak to(wards) them word pleasant and to be to/for you servant/slave all [the] day 8 and to leave [obj] counsel [the] old which to advise him and to advise with [the] youth which to magnify with him [the] to stand to/for face his 9 and to say to(wards) them what? you(m. p.) to advise and to return word [obj] [the] people [the] this which to speak to(wards) me to/for to say to lighten from [the] yoke which to give father your upon us 10 and to speak with him [the] youth which to magnify with him to/for to say thus to say to/for people which to speak to(wards) you to/for to say father your to honor [obj] yoke our and you(m. s.) to lighten from upon us thus to say to(wards) them little finger my to thicken from loin father my 11 and now father my to lift upon you yoke heavy and I to add upon yoke your father my to discipline [obj] you in/on/with whip and I in/on/with scorpion 12 and to come (in) Jeroboam and all [the] people to(wards) Rehoboam in/on/with day [the] third like/as as which to speak [the] king to/for to say to return to(wards) me in/on/with day [the] third 13 and to answer them [the] king severe and to leave [the] king Rehoboam [obj] counsel [the] old 14 and to speak to(wards) them like/as counsel [the] youth to/for to say to honor [obj] yoke your and I to add upon him father my to discipline [obj] you in/on/with whip and I in/on/with scorpion 15 and not to hear [the] king to(wards) [the] people for to be turn from from with [the] God because to arise YHWH/Lord [obj] word his which to speak in/on/with hand Ahiah [the] Shiloh to(wards) Jeroboam son Nebat 16 and all Israel for not to hear [the] king to/for them and to return [the] people [obj] [the] king to/for to say what? to/for us portion in/on/with David and not inheritance in/on/with son Jesse man to/for tent your Israel now to see house your David and to go all Israel to/for tent his 17 and son Israel [the] to dwell in/on/with city Judah and to reign upon them Rehoboam 18 and to send [the] king Rehoboam [obj] Hadoram which upon [the] taskworker and to stone in/on/with him son Israel stone and to die and [the] king Rehoboam to strengthen to/for to ascend in/on/with chariot to/for to flee Jerusalem 19 and to transgress Israel in/on/with house David till [the] day [the] this