1 Samuel 2

1 and to pray Hannah and to say to rejoice heart my in/on/with YHWH/Lord to exalt horn my in/on/with YHWH/Lord to enlarge lip my upon enemy my for to rejoice in/on/with salvation your 2 nothing holy like/as YHWH/Lord for nothing lest you and nothing rock like/as God our 3 not to multiply to speak high high to come out arrogant from lip your for god knowledge YHWH/Lord and not and to/for him to measure wantonness 4 bow mighty shattered and to stumble to gird strength 5 sated in/on/with food to hire and hungry to cease till barren to beget seven and many son to weaken 6 YHWH/Lord to die and to live to go down Sheol and to ascend (Sheol h7585) 7 YHWH/Lord to possess and to enrich to abase also to exalt 8 to arise from dust poor from refuse to exalt needy to/for to dwell with noble and throne glory to inherit them for to/for YHWH/Lord pillar land and to set upon them world 9 foot pious his pious his to keep and wicked in/on/with darkness to silence for not in/on/with strength to prevail man 10 YHWH/Lord to descend to contend him to contend him upon him upon him in/on/with heaven to thunder YHWH/Lord to judge end land and to give strength to/for king his and to exalt horn anointed his 11 and to go Elkanah [the] Ramah [to] upon house his and [the] youth to be to minister [obj] YHWH/Lord with face Eli [the] priest 12 and son Eli son Belial not to know [obj] YHWH/Lord 13 and justice [the] priest with [the] people all man to sacrifice sacrifice and to come (in) youth [the] priest like/as to boil [the] flesh and [the] fork three [the] tooth in/on/with hand his 14 and to smite in/on/with basin or in/on/with pot or in/on/with caldron or in/on/with pot all which to ascend [the] fork to take [the] priest in/on/with him thus to make to/for all Israel [the] to come (in) there in/on/with Shiloh 15 also in/on/with before to offer [emph?] [obj] [the] fat and to come (in) youth [the] priest and to say to/for man [the] to sacrifice to give [emph?] flesh to/for to roast to/for priest and not to take from you flesh to boil that except alive 16 and to say to(wards) him [the] man to offer to offer [emph?] like/as day [the] fat and to take to/for you like/as as which to desire soul your and to say to/for him not for now to give and if not to take in/on/with force 17 and to be sin [the] youth great much with face YHWH/Lord for to spurn [the] human [obj] offering YHWH/Lord 18 and Samuel to minister with face YHWH/Lord youth to gird ephod linen 19 and robe small to make to/for him mother his and to ascend to/for him from day day [to] in/on/with to ascend she with man her to/for to sacrifice [obj] sacrifice [the] day 20 and to bless Eli [obj] Elkanah and [obj] woman his and to say to set YHWH/Lord to/for you seed from [the] woman [the] this underneath [the] petition which to ask to/for YHWH/Lord and to go to/for standing place his 21 for to reckon YHWH/Lord [obj] Hannah and to conceive and to beget three son and two daughter and to magnify [the] youth Samuel with YHWH/Lord 22 and Eli be old much and to hear [obj] all which to make [emph?] son his to/for all Israel and [obj] which to lie down [emph?] [obj] [the] woman [the] to serve entrance tent meeting 23 and to say to/for them to/for what? to make [emph?] like/as word [the] these which I to hear [obj] word your bad from with all [the] people these 24 not son my for not pleasant [the] tidings which I to hear to pass people YHWH/Lord 25 if to sin man to/for man and to pray him God and if to/for YHWH/Lord to sin man who? to pray to/for him and not to hear to/for voice father their for to delight in YHWH/Lord to/for to die them 26 and [the] youth Samuel to go and growing and be pleasing also with YHWH/Lord and also with human 27 and to come (in) man God to(wards) Eli and to say to(wards) him thus to say YHWH/Lord to uncover to uncover to(wards) house father your in/on/with to be they in/on/with Egypt to/for house Pharaoh 28 and to choose [obj] him from all tribe Israel to/for me to/for priest to/for to ascend upon altar my to/for to offer incense to/for to lift ephod to/for face my and to give [emph?] to/for house father your [obj] all food offering son Israel 29 to/for what? to kick in/on/with sacrifice my and in/on/with offering my which to command habitation and to honor [obj] son your from me to/for to fatten you from first all offering Israel to/for people my 30 to/for so utterance YHWH/Lord God Israel to say to say house your and house father your to go to/for face my till forever and now utterance YHWH/Lord forbid to/for me for to honor me to honor and to despise me to lighten 31 behold day to come (in) and to cut down/off [obj] arm your and [obj] arm house father your from to be old in/on/with house your 32 and to look narrow habitation in/on/with all which be good [obj] Israel and not to be old in/on/with house your all [the] day 33 and man not to cut to/for you from from with altar my to/for to end [obj] eye your and to/for to grieve [obj] soul your and all greatness house your to die human 34 and this to/for you [the] sign which to come (in) to(wards) two son your to(wards) Hophni and Phinehas in/on/with day one to die two their 35 and to arise to/for me priest be faithful like/as as which in/on/with heart my and in/on/with soul my to make and to build to/for him house be faithful and to go to/for face anointed my all [the] day 36 and to be all [the] to remain in/on/with house your to come (in) to/for to bow to/for him to/for piece silver and talent food and to say to attach me please to(wards) one [the] priesthood to/for to eat morsel food