1 Samuel 10

1 and to take Samuel [obj] vial [the] oil and to pour upon head his and to kiss him and to say not for to anoint you YHWH/Lord upon inheritance his to/for leader 2 in/on/with to go you [the] day from with me and to find two human with tomb Rachel in/on/with border Benjamin in/on/with Zelzah and to say to(wards) you to find [the] she-ass which to go to/for to seek and behold to leave father your [obj] word [the] she-ass and be anxious to/for you to/for to say what? to make to/for son my 3 and to pass from there and further and to come (in) till terebinth Tabor and to find you there three human to ascend to(wards) [the] God Beth-el Beth-el one to lift three kid and one to lift three talent food and one to lift bag wine 4 and to ask to/for you to/for peace and to give to/for you two food and to take from hand their 5 after so to come (in) Gibeah [the] God which there garrison Palestina and to be like/as to come (in) you there [the] city and to fall on cord prophet to go down from [the] high place and to/for face their harp and tambourine and flute and lyre and they(masc.) to prophesy 6 and to rush upon you spirit YHWH/Lord and to prophesy with them and to overturn to/for man another 7 and to be for to come (in) to come (in) [the] sign [the] these to/for you to make to/for you which to find hand your for [the] God with you 8 and to go down to/for face my [the] Gilgal and behold I to go down to(wards) you to/for to ascend burnt offering to/for to sacrifice sacrifice peace offering seven day to wait till to come (in) I to(wards) you and to know to/for you [obj] which to make 9 and to be like/as to turn he shoulder his to/for to go from from with Samuel and to overturn to/for him God heart another and to come (in) all [the] sign [the] these in/on/with day [the] he/she/it 10 and to come (in) there [the] Gibeah [to] and behold cord prophet to/for to encounter him and to rush upon him spirit God and to prophesy in/on/with midst their 11 and to be all to know him from previously three days ago and to see and behold with prophet to prophesy and to say [the] people man to(wards) neighbor his what? this to be to/for son Kish also Saul in/on/with prophet 12 and to answer man from there and to say and who? father their upon so to be to/for proverb also Saul in/on/with prophet 13 and to end from to prophesy and to come (in) [the] high place 14 and to say beloved Saul to(wards) him and to(wards) youth his where? to go and to say to/for to seek [obj] [the] she-ass and to see for nothing and to come (in) to(wards) Samuel 15 and to say beloved Saul to tell [emph?] please to/for me what? to say to/for you Samuel 16 and to say Saul to(wards) beloved his to tell to tell to/for us for to find [the] she-ass and [obj] word [the] kingship not to tell to/for him which to say Samuel 17 and to cry Samuel [obj] [the] people to(wards) YHWH/Lord [the] Mizpeh 18 and to say to(wards) son Israel thus to say YHWH/Lord God Israel I to ascend [obj] Israel from Egypt and to rescue [obj] you from hand Egypt and from hand all [the] kingdom [the] to oppress [obj] you 19 and you(m. p.) [the] day to reject [obj] God your which he/she/it to save to/for you from all distress your and distress your and to say to/for him for king to set upon us and now to stand to/for face YHWH/Lord to/for tribe your and to/for thousand your 20 and to present Samuel [obj] all tribe Israel and to capture tribe Benjamin 21 and to present [obj] tribe Benjamin to/for family his to/for family his and to capture family [the] Matrite and to capture Saul son Kish and to seek him and not to find 22 and to ask still in/on/with YHWH/Lord to come (in) still here man and to say YHWH/Lord behold he/she/it to hide to(wards) [the] article/utensil 23 and to run and to take him from there and to stand in/on/with midst [the] people and to exult from all [the] people from shoulder his and above [to] 24 and to say Samuel to(wards) all [the] people to see which to choose in/on/with him YHWH/Lord for nothing like him in/on/with all [the] people and to shout all [the] people and to say to live [the] king 25 and to speak Samuel to(wards) [the] people [obj] justice [the] kingship and to write in/on/with scroll and to rest to/for face YHWH/Lord and to send Samuel [obj] all [the] people man to/for house his 26 and also Saul to go to/for house his Gibeah [to] and to go with him [the] strength which to touch God in/on/with heart their 27 and son Belial to say what? to save us this and to despise him and not to come (in) to/for him offering and to be like/as be quiet