Luke 22

1 Was drawing near now the Feast (the) of Unleavened [Bread], which is being called Passover. 2 And were seeking the chief priests and the scribes (the) how they may put to death him; they were afraid for of the people. 3 Entered then (* (the) *KJV) Satan into Judas, who (* is being called *NA~TR) Iscariot, being of the number of the Twelve. 4 And having gone away, he spoke with the chief priests and (* to the *KJV) captains, the how to them he may betray Him. 5 And they rejoiced and agreed with him money to give. 6 And he promised, and was seeking opportunity (the) to betray Him apart from [a] crowd to them. 7 Came then the day (the) of Unleavened [Bread] on which it was necessary for to be sacrificed the Passover lamb. 8 And He sent Peter and John, having said, Having gone, do prepare for us the Passover, that we may eat [it]. 9 (the) And they said to Him, Where do you want [that] (* we may prepare? *NA~TR) 10 (the) And He said to them, Behold, when are entering you into the city, will meet you a man, a pitcher of water carrying; do follow him into the house (* into *NA-TR) (* which *NA~TR) he enters; 11 and you will say to the master of the house, Says to you the Teacher, Where is the guest room, where the Passover with the disciples of Me I may eat? 12 And he And he you will show an upper room large, furnished; there do prepare. 13 Having gone then, they found [it] as (* He had said *NA~TR) to them; and they prepared the Passover. 14 And when was come the hour, He reclined, and the (* twelve *KJV) apostles with Him. 15 And He said to them, With desire I have desired this (the) Passover to eat with you before (the) I suffering. 16 I say for to you that (* no longer no longer *KJV) never not shall I eat (* from *KJV) (* it, *NA~TR) until when it may be fulfilled in the kingdom (the) of God. 17 And having received [the] cup, having given thanks, He said, do take this, and do divide [it] (* among *NA-TR) (* yourselves. *NA~TR) 18 I say for to you, that no not shall I drink from (the) (* now *NA-TR) of the (* fruit *NA~TR) of the vine, until (* that [time] *NA~TR) the kingdom (the) of God may come. 19 And having taken [the] bread, having given thanks, He broke [it] and gave to them, saying, This is the body of Me, which for you is given; this do perform in the of Me remembrance, 20 and the cup likewise after the eating saying, This (the) cup [is] the new covenant in the blood of Me, which for you is being poured out. 21 But, behold, the hand of the [one] betraying Me [is] with Me on the table. 22 (* For *NA~TR) the Son indeed (the) of man, according to that determined goes, but woe to the man, that [one] by whom He is betrayed. 23 And they began to question among themselves (the) who then it might be of them who this is about to do. 24 There was then also a dispute among them, (the) which of them is thought to be [the] greatest. 25 (the) And He said to them, The kings of the Gentiles rule over them, and those exercising authority over them, benefactors are called. 26 You however not thus [shall be]. Instead, the greater among you, (* he should become *NA~TR) as the younger; and the [one] leading, as the [one] serving. 27 Who for [is] greater, the [one] reclining or the [one] serving? [Is] not the [one] reclining? I however in [the] midst of you am, as the [One] serving. 28 You now are those having remained with Me in the trials of Me. 29 And I And I appoint to you, as appointed to Me the Father of Me, a kingdom, 30 so that you may eat and may drink at the table of Me in the kingdom of Me, and (* will sit *NA~TR) on thrones, the twelve tribes judging (the) of Israel. 31 (* said now (the) Lord *KJV) Simon, Simon, Behold, (the) Satan demanded to have all of you (the) to sift like (the) wheat; 32 I however begged for you, that not (* may fail *NA~TR) the faith of you; and you, when you have turned back, do strengthen the brothers of you. 33 (the) And he said to Him, Lord, with You ready I am both to prison and to death to go. 34 (the) And He said, I tell you Peter, not (* not *KJV) (* will crow *NA~TR) today [the] rooster, (* until *NA~TR) three times Me you may deny (* not *KJV) to have known 35 And He said to them, When I sent you without purse and bag and sandals, not anything did you lack? (the) And they said, Nothing. 36 He said (* then *NA~TR) to them, But now the [one] having a purse, he should take [it]; likewise also a bag; and the [one] not having, (* he should sell *NA~TR) the cloak of him and (* he should buy *NA~TR) a sword. 37 I say for to you that (* still *KJV) this which [was] written, it behooves to be accomplished in Me: (the) And with [the] lawless He was reckoned.’ And for (* the thing *NA~TR) concerning Me an end have. 38 (the) And they said, Lord, behold, swords here [are] two. (the) And He said to them, Enough it is. 39 And having gone forth, He went according to the custom to the Mount (the) of Olives; followed then Him also the disciples. (* of him *KJV) 40 Having come then to the place, He said to them, do pray not to enter into temptation. 41 And He withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and having fallen on the knees, He was praying, 42 saying, Father, if You are willing, (* do take away *NA~TR) this (the) cup from Me. Yet not the will of Me, but (the) of You (* should be [done]. *NA~TR) 43 Appeared then to Him an angel from (* (the) *NATR?) heaven, strengthening Him. 44 And having been in agony, more earnestly He was praying. (* And *NA~TR) became the sweat of Him like great drops of blood, falling down upon the ground. 45 And having risen up from the prayer, having come to the disciples, He found sleeping them from the grief, 46 and He said to them, Why are you sleeping? Having risen up do pray, that not you may enter into temptation. 47 While still (* now *KJV) when he is speaking, behold, a crowd, and the [one] called Judas, one of the Twelve, was going before (* them, *NA~TR) and he drew near (the) to Jesus to kiss Him. 48 (* (the) *KJV) Jesus then said to him, Judas, with a kiss the Son (the) of Man are you betraying? 49 Having seen then those around Him what will be, they said, (* to him *KJV) Lord, if will we strike with [the] sword? 50 And struck one a certain of them of the high priest the servant, and cut off the ear, of him (the) right. 51 Answering now, (the) Jesus said, do allow [only] as far as this! And having touched the ear, (* of him *KJV) He healed him. 52 Said then (* (the) *KJV) Jesus to those having come out against Him, chief priests, and captains of the temple, and elders, As against a robber (* have you come out *NA~TR) with swords and clubs? 53 Every day being of Me with you in the temple, not did you stretch out the hands against Me; but this is of you the hour, and the power of the darkness. 54 Having seized then Him, they led [Him] away, and led [Him] (* him *KJV) into (* the home *NA~TR) of the high priest. (the) And Peter was following afar off. 55 (* They having kindled around *NA~TR) then a fire in [the] midst of the courtyard, and when having sat down together, (* they, *KJV) was sitting (the) Peter (* in *KJV) (* midst *NA~TR) them. 56 Having seen then him a servant girl certain sitting by the light, and having looked intently on him, she said, Also this one with Him was. 57 (the) But he denied [it], (* him *KJV) saying, Not I do know Him, woman. 58 And after a little, another having seen him, was saying, Also you of them are. (the) But Peter (* was saying, *NA~TR) Man, not I am. 59 And when was elapsing about hour one, other a certain was strongly affirming [it], saying, Of a truth, also this one with Him was; also for a Galilean he is. 60 Said however (the) Peter, Man, not I know what you say. And immediately while is speaking he, crowed (* the *KJV) rooster. 61 And having turned, the Lord looked at (the) Peter, and remembered (the) Peter the (* declaration *NA~TR) of the Lord, how He had said to him that, Before [the] rooster crowing (* today, *NA-TR) you will deny Me three times. 62 And having gone forth outside, (* (the) Peter *KJV) he wept bitterly. 63 And the men who are holding (* (the) *KJV) (* Him *NA~TR) were mocking Him, beating [Him]. 64 And having blindfolded Him, (* they were striking of him (the) face and *KJV) they were questioning [Him], (* him *KJV) saying, do prophesy, who is the [one] having struck You? 65 And other things many, blaspheming, they were saying to Him. 66 And when it became day, were gathered together the elderhood of the people, chief priests both and scribes, and (* they led away *NA~TR) Him into the council (* of them, *NA~TR) 67 saying, If You are the Christ, do tell us. He said then to them, If you I shall tell, no not you shall believe; 68 if then (* and *KJV) I shall ask [you], no not you shall answer (* to me or you shall release. *KJV) 69 From (the) now on (* also *NA-TR) will be the Son (the) of Man sitting at [the] right hand of the power (the) of God. 70 They said then all, You then are the Son (the) of God? (the) And to them He was saying, You say that I am. 71 (the) And they said, What any more have we of witness need? We ourselves for heard [it] from the mouth of Him.