2 Chronicles 24

1 son [link] seven year Joash in to reign he and forty year to reign in Jerusalem and name mother his Zibiah from Beer-sheba Beer-sheba: 2 [seq] to make Joash the upright in eye YHWH/Yahweh all [link] day Jehoiada the priest: 3 [seq] to lift [link] to him Jehoiada woman two [seq] to beget son and daughter: 4 [seq] to be behind so to be with [link] heart Joash to to renew [obj] [link] house YHWH/Yahweh: 5 [seq] to gather [obj] [link] the priest and the Levite [seq] to say to them to come out to city Judah and to gather from all [link] Israel silver to to strengthen separate [obj] [link] house God your from enough year in year and you(m. p.) to hasten to word and not to hasten the Levite: 6 [seq] to call the king to Jehoiada the head [seq] to say to him why? not [link] to seek upon [link] the Levite to to come (in) from Judah and from Jerusalem [obj] [link] uprising Moses servant/slave [link] YHWH/Yahweh and the assembly to Israel to tent the testimony: 7 for Athaliah the wickedness son her to break through [obj] [link] house the God and also all [link] holiness house [link] YHWH/Yahweh to make to Baal: 8 [seq] to say the king [seq] to make ark one [seq] to give him in gate house [link] YHWH/Yahweh outside to: 9 [seq] to give [link] voice in Judah and in Jerusalem to to come (in) to YHWH/Yahweh uprising Moses servant/slave [link] the God upon [link] Israel in wilderness: 10 [seq] to rejoice all [link] the ruler and all [link] the people [seq] to come (in) [seq] to throw to ark till [link] to to end: 11 [seq] to be in time to come (in) [obj] [link] the ark to(wards) [link] punishment the king in hand the Levite and like to see they for [link] many the silver [seq] to come (in) secretary the king and overseer priest the head and to uncover [obj] [link] the ark and to lift him and to return him to(wards) [link] standing place his thus to make to day separate in day [seq] to gather [link] silver to abundance: 12 [seq] to give him the king and Jehoiada to(wards) [link] to make work service house [link] YHWH/Yahweh [seq] to be to hire to hew and artificer to to renew house YHWH/Yahweh and also to artificer iron and bronze to to strengthen [obj] [link] house YHWH/Yahweh: 13 [seq] to make to make the work [seq] to ascend health to work in hand their [seq] to stand [obj] [link] house the God upon [link] tally his [seq] to strengthen him: 14 and like to end they to come (in) to face the king and Jehoiada [obj] [link] remnant the silver [seq] to make him article/utensil to house [link] YHWH/Yahweh article/utensil ministry and to ascend and palm and article/utensil gold and silver [seq] to be to ascend burnt offering in house [link] YHWH/Yahweh continuity all day Jehoiada: [para] 15 [seq] be old Jehoiada [seq] to satisfy day [seq] to die son [link] hundred and thirty year in death his: 16 [seq] to bury him in city [link] David with [link] the king for [link] to make welfare in Israel and with the God and house his: [section] 17 and behind death Jehoiada to come (in) ruler Judah [seq] to bow to king then to hear the king to(wards) them: 18 [seq] to leave [obj] [link] house YHWH/Yahweh God father their [seq] to serve [obj] [link] the Asherah and [obj] [link] the idol [seq] to be [link] wrath upon [link] Judah and Jerusalem in guiltiness their this: 19 [seq] to send in them prophet to to return them to(wards) [link] YHWH/Yahweh [seq] to testify in them and not to listen: [section] 20 and spirit God to clothe [obj] [link] Zechariah son [link] Jehoiada the priest [seq] to stand from upon to people [seq] to say to them thus separate to say the God to what? you(m. p.) to pass [obj] [link] commandment YHWH/Yahweh and not to prosper for [link] to leave [obj] [link] YHWH/Yahweh [seq] to leave [obj] you: 21 [seq] to conspire upon him [seq] to stone him stone in commandment the king in court house YHWH/Yahweh: 22 and not [link] to remember Joash the king the kindness which to make Jehoiada father his with him [seq] to kill [obj] [link] son his and like to die he to say to see YHWH/Yahweh and to seek: [para] 23 [seq] to be separate to circuit the year to ascend upon him strength Aramean [seq] to come (in) to(wards) [link] Judah and Jerusalem [seq] to ruin [obj] [link] all [link] ruler the people from people and all [link] spoil their to send to king Damascus: 24 for in little human to come (in) separate strength Aramean and YHWH/Yahweh to give in hand their strength to abundance much for to leave [obj] [link] YHWH/Yahweh God father their and with [link] Joash to make judgment: 25 and in to go they from him for [link] to leave [obj] him in suffering in suffering many to conspire upon him servant/slave his in blood son Jehoiada the priest [seq] to kill him upon [link] bed his [seq] to die [seq] to bury him in city David and not to bury him in grave the king: [section] 26 and these the to conspire upon him Zabad son [link] Shimeath the Ammonite and Jehozabad son [link] Shimrith the Moabitess: 27 and son his and abundance to multiply the oracle upon him and to found house the God if! they to write upon [link] story book the king [seq] to reign Amaziah son his underneath him: [para]