1 Samuel 30

1 [seq] to be in to come (in) David and human his Ziklag in day the third and Amalekite to strip to(wards) [link] Negeb and to(wards) [link] Ziklag [seq] to smite [obj] [link] Ziklag [seq] to burn [obj] her in fire: 2 [seq] to take captive [obj] [link] the woman which [link] in her from small and till [link] great not to die man [seq] to lead [seq] to go to way their: 3 [seq] to come (in) David and human his to(wards) [link] the city and behold to burn in fire and woman their and son their and daughter their to take captive: 4 [seq] to lift David and the people which [link] with him [obj] [link] voice their [seq] to weep till which nothing [link] in them strength to to weep: 5 and two woman [link] David to take captive Ahinoam the Jezreelite and Abigail woman Nabal the Carmelite: 6 [seq] be distressed to David much for [link] to say the people to to stone him for [link] to rebel soul all [link] the people man upon [link] son his son his and upon [link] daughter his [seq] to strengthen David in YHWH/Yahweh God his: [section] 7 [seq] to say David to(wards) [link] Abiathar the priest son [link] Ahimelech to approach parag [link] please to me the ephod [seq] to approach Abiathar [obj] [link] the ephod to(wards) [link] David: 8 [seq] to ask David in YHWH/Yahweh to to say to pursue behind the band [link] the this? to overtake him [seq] to say to him to pursue for [link] to overtake to overtake and to deliver to deliver: 9 [seq] to go David he/she/it and six [link] hundred man which with him [seq] to come (in) till [link] torrent the Besor and the to remain to stand: 10 [seq] to pursue David he/she/it and four [link] hundred man [seq] to stand hundred man which to faint from to pass [obj] [link] torrent the Besor: 11 [seq] to find man [link] Egyptian in field [seq] to take [obj] him to(wards) [link] David [seq] to give [link] to him food [seq] to eat [seq] to water him water: 12 [seq] to give [link] to him millstone fig cake and two cluster [seq] to eat [seq] to return spirit his to(wards) him for not [link] to eat food and not [link] to drink water three day and three night: [section] 13 [seq] to say to him David to who? [link] you(m. s.) and where? from this you(m. s.) [seq] to say youth Egyptian I servant/slave to man Amalekite [seq] to leave me lord my for be weak the day three: 14 we to strip Negeb the Cherethite and upon [link] which to Judah and upon [link] Negeb Caleb and [obj] [link] Ziklag to burn in fire: 15 [seq] to say to(wards) him David? to go down me to(wards) [link] the band the this [seq] to say to swear parag to me in God if [link] to die me and if [link] to shut me in hand [link] lord my and to go down you to(wards) [link] the band the this: 16 [seq] to go down him and behold to leave upon [link] face all [link] the land to eat and to drink and to celebrate in all the spoil the great which to take from land Philistine and from land Judah: 17 [seq] to smite them David from the twilight and till [link] the evening to morrow their and not [link] to escape from them man except except [link] four hundred man [link] youth which [link] to ride upon [link] the camel [seq] to flee: 18 [seq] to deliver David [obj] all [link] which to take Amalek and [obj] [link] two woman his to deliver David: 19 and not to lack [link] to them from [link] the small and till [link] the great and till [link] son and daughter and from spoil and till all [link] which to take to them the all to return David: 20 [seq] to take David [obj] [link] all [link] the flock and the cattle to lead to face the livestock the he/she/it [seq] to say this spoil David: 21 [seq] to come (in) David to(wards) [link] hundred the human which [link] to faint separate from to go separate behind David [seq] to dwell them in torrent the Besor [seq] to come out to to encounter David and to to encounter the people which [link] with him [seq] to approach David [obj] [link] the people [seq] to ask to them to peace: [section] 22 [seq] to answer all [link] man [link] bad and Belial from the human which to go with [link] David [seq] to say because which not [link] to go with me not [link] to give to them from the spoil which to deliver except [link] except [link] man [obj] [link] woman his and [obj] [link] son his and to lead and to go: [section] 23 [seq] to say David not [link] to make so brother my [obj] which [link] to give YHWH/Yahweh to us [seq] to keep [obj] us [seq] to give [obj] [link] the band the to come (in) upon us in hand our: 24 and who? to hear to you to word the this for like portion separate the to go down in battle and like portion the to dwell upon [link] the article/utensil together to divide: [section] 25 [seq] to be from the day the he/she/it and above to [seq] to set her to statute and to justice to Israel till the day the this: [para] 26 [seq] to come (in) David to(wards) [link] Ziklag [seq] to send from the spoil to old Judah to neighbor his to to say behold to you blessing from spoil enemy YHWH/Yahweh: 27 to which in Beth-el [link] Beth-el and to which in Ramoth [link] Negeb and to which in Jattir: 28 and to which in Aroer and to which in Siphmoth and to which in Eshtemoa: [section] 29 and to which in Racal and to which in city the Jerahmeelite and to which in city the Kenite: 30 and to which in Hormah and to which in Chorashan [link] Chorashan and to which in Athach: 31 and to which in Hebron and to all [link] the standing place which [link] to go [link] there David he/she/it and human his: [para]