1 Kings 22

1 [seq] to dwell three year nothing battle between Aramean and between Israel: [para] 2 [seq] to be in year the third [seq] to go down Jehoshaphat king [link] Judah to(wards) [link] king Israel: 3 [seq] to say king [link] Israel to(wards) [link] servant/slave his? to know for [link] to us Ramoth Gilead and we be silent from to take [obj] her from hand king Aramean: 4 [seq] to say to(wards) [link] Jehoshaphat? to go with me to battle Ramoth Gilead [seq] to say Jehoshaphat to(wards) [link] king Israel like me like you like people my like people your like horse my like horse your: 5 [seq] to say Jehoshaphat to(wards) [link] king Israel to seek [link] please like day [obj] [link] word YHWH/Yahweh: 6 [seq] to gather king [link] Israel [obj] [link] the prophet like four hundred man [seq] to say to(wards) them? to go upon [link] Ramoth Gilead to battle if [link] to cease [seq] to say to ascend and to give Lord in hand the king: 7 [seq] to say Jehoshaphat? nothing here prophet to YHWH/Yahweh still and to seek from [obj] him: 8 [seq] to say king [link] Israel separate to(wards) [link] Jehoshaphat still man [link] one to to seek [obj] [link] YHWH/Yahweh from [obj] him and I to hate him for not [link] to prophesy upon me pleasant except except [link] evil Micaiah son [link] Imla [seq] to say Jehoshaphat not [link] to say the king so: 9 [seq] to call king Israel to(wards) [link] eunuch one [seq] to say to hasten parag Micaiah son [link] Imla: 10 and king Israel and Jehoshaphat king [link] Judah to dwell man upon [link] throne his to clothe garment in threshing floor entrance gate Samaria and all [link] the prophet to prophesy to face their: 11 [seq] to make to him Zedekiah son [link] Chenaanah horn iron [seq] to say thus [link] to say YHWH/Yahweh in these to gore [obj] [link] Aramean till [link] to end them: 12 and all [link] the prophet to prophesy so to to say to ascend Ramoth Gilead and to prosper [seq] to give YHWH/Yahweh in hand the king: 13 and the messenger which [link] to go separate to to call Micaiah to speak to(wards) him to to say behold [link] please word the prophet lip [link] one pleasant to(wards) [link] the king to be [link] please word your word your like word one from them [seq] to speak pleasant: 14 [seq] to say Micaiah alive [link] YHWH/Yahweh for [obj] [link] which to say YHWH/Yahweh to(wards) me [obj] him to speak: 15 [seq] to come (in) to(wards) [link] the king [seq] to say the king to(wards) him Micaiah? to go to(wards) [link] Ramoth Gilead to battle if [link] to cease [seq] to say to(wards) him to ascend and to prosper [seq] to give YHWH/Yahweh in hand the king: 16 [seq] to say to(wards) him the king till [link] like what? beat I to swear you which not [link] to speak to(wards) me except [link] truth in name YHWH/Yahweh: 17 [seq] to say to see [obj] [link] all [link] Israel to scatter to(wards) [link] the mountain like flock which nothing [link] to them to pasture [seq] to say YHWH/Yahweh not [link] lord to these to return man [link] to house his in peace: 18 [seq] to say king [link] Israel to(wards) [link] Jehoshaphat? not to say to(wards) you not [link] to prophesy upon me pleasant except except [link] evil: 19 [seq] to say to so to hear word [link] YHWH/Yahweh to see [obj] [link] YHWH/Yahweh to dwell upon [link] throne his and all [link] army the heaven to stand upon him from right his and from left his: 20 [seq] to say YHWH/Yahweh who? to entice [obj] [link] Ahab and to ascend and to fall in Ramoth Gilead [seq] to say this in thus and this to say in thus: 21 [seq] to come out the spirit [seq] to stand to face YHWH/Yahweh [seq] to say I to entice him 22 [seq] to say YHWH/Yahweh to(wards) him in what?: [seq] to say to come out [seq] to be spirit deception in lip all [link] prophet his [seq] to say to entice and also [link] be able to come out and to make [link] so: 23 and now behold to give YHWH/Yahweh spirit deception in lip all [link] prophet your these and YHWH/Yahweh to speak upon you distress: 24 [seq] to approach Zedekiah son [link] Chenaanah [seq] to smite [obj] [link] Micaiah upon [link] the jaw [seq] to say where? [link] this to pass spirit [link] YHWH/Yahweh from with me to to speak with you: 25 [seq] to say Micaiah if! you to see in day the he/she/it which to come (in) chamber in chamber to to hide: 26 [seq] to say king Israel to take [obj] [link] Micaiah and to return him to(wards) [link] Amon ruler [link] the city and to(wards) [link] Joash son [link] the king: 27 [seq] to say thus to say the king to set [obj] [link] this house the prison and to eat him food oppression and water oppression till to come (in) I in peace: 28 [seq] to say Micaiah if [link] to return to return in peace not [link] to speak YHWH/Yahweh in me [seq] to say to hear people all their: 29 [seq] to ascend king [link] Israel and Jehoshaphat king [link] Judah Ramoth Gilead: 30 [seq] to say king Israel to(wards) [link] Jehoshaphat to search and to come (in) in battle and you(m. s.) to clothe garment your [seq] to search king Israel [seq] to come (in) in battle: 31 and king Aramean to command [obj] [link] ruler the chariot which [link] to him thirty and two to to say not to fight with [link] small and with [link] great except except [link] with [link] king Israel to alone he: 32 [seq] to be like to see ruler the chariot [obj] [link] Jehoshaphat and they(masc.) to say surely king [link] Israel he/she/it [seq] to turn aside upon him to to fight [seq] to cry out Jehoshaphat: 33 [seq] to be like to see ruler the chariot for [link] not [link] king Israel he/she/it [seq] to return from behind him: 34 and man to draw in bow to integrity his [seq] to smite [obj] [link] king Israel between the joint and between the armor [seq] to say to charioteer his to overturn hand your and to come out me from [link] the camp for be weak: 35 [seq] to ascend the battle in day the he/she/it and the king to be to stand in chariot before Aramean [seq] to die in evening [seq] to pour blood [link] the wound to(wards) [link] bosom the chariot: 36 [seq] to pass the cry in camp like to come (in) the sun to to say man to(wards) [link] city his and man to(wards) [link] land his: 37 [seq] to die the king [seq] to come (in) Samaria [seq] to bury [obj] [link] the king in Samaria: 38 [seq] to overflow [obj] [link] the chariot upon separate pool Samaria [seq] to lick the dog [obj] [link] blood his and the to fornicate to wash like word YHWH/Yahweh which to speak: 39 and remainder word Ahab and all [link] which to make and house the tooth which to build and all [link] the city which to build? not [link] they(masc.) to write upon [link] book word the day to king Israel: 40 [seq] to lie down Ahab with [link] father his [seq] to reign Ahaziah son his underneath him: [para] 41 and Jehoshaphat son [link] Asa to reign upon [link] Judah in year four to Ahab king Israel: 42 Jehoshaphat son [link] thirty and five year in to reign he and twenty and five year to reign in Jerusalem and name mother his Azubah daughter [link] Shilhi: 43 [seq] to go in all [link] way Asa father his not [link] to turn aside from him to to make the upright in eye YHWH/Yahweh: surely the high place not [link] to turn aside still the people to sacrifice and to offer in high place: 44 [seq] to ally Jehoshaphat with [link] king Israel: 45 and remainder word Jehoshaphat and might his which [link] to make and which to fight? not [link] they(masc.) to write upon [link] book word the day to king Judah: 46 and remainder the male cult prostitute which to remain in day Asa father his to burn from [link] the land: 47 and king nothing in Edom to stand king: 48 Jehoshaphat to tithe to make fleet Tarshish to to go Ophir to to gold and not to go for [link] to break to break fleet in Ezion-geber Ezion-geber: 49 then to say Ahaziah son [link] Ahab to(wards) [link] Jehoshaphat to go servant/slave my with [link] servant/slave your in fleet and not be willing Jehoshaphat: 50 [seq] to lie down Jehoshaphat with [link] father his [seq] to bury with [link] father his in city David father his [seq] to reign Jehoram son his underneath him: [section] 51 Ahaziah son [link] Ahab to reign upon [link] Israel in Samaria in year seven ten to Jehoshaphat king Judah [seq] to reign upon [link] Israel year: 52 [seq] to make the bad in eye YHWH/Yahweh [seq] to go in way father his and in way mother his and in way Jeroboam son [link] Nebat which to sin [obj] [link] Israel: 53 [seq] to serve [obj] [link] the Baal [seq] to bow to him [seq] to provoke [obj] [link] YHWH/Yahweh God Israel like all which [link] to make father his: