Luke 8

1 And it came to pass, in due course, that he was passing through, city by city and village by village, proclaiming, and delivering the glad-message of the kingdom of God, —and, the twelve, were with him; 2 and certain women, who had been cured from evil spirits and infirmities, —Mary, the one called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone forth, 3 and Joana, wife of Chuza steward of Herod, and Susanna, and many others, —who indeed were ministering unto them out of their possessions. 4 And, seeing that a great multitude were coming together, and they who from every city were journeying forth unto him, he spake through means of a parable: — 5 The sower went forth to sow his seed, —and, as he sowed, some, indeed, fell beside the pathway, and was trodden down; and, the birds of heaven, devoured it. 6 And, other, fell down upon the rock; and, growing, was withered, because it had not moisture. 7 And, other, fell and thorns; and, growing together, the thorns, choked it. 8 And, other, fell into good ground; and, growing, brought forth fruit, a hundredfold. These things, saying, he went on to cry aloud—He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 9 But his disciples began to question him—What might, this very, parable be? 10 And, he, said—Unto you, hath it been given, to get to know the sacred secrets of the kingdom of God; but, unto the rest, in parables, —in order that, seeing, they may not see, and, hearing, they may not understand. 11 Now the parable, is this—The seed, is, the word of God. 12 And, those beside the pathway, are they who have heard; afterwards, cometh the adversary, and catcheth away the word from their heart, lest, believing, they should, be saved. 13 And, those upon the rock, are they who, as soon as they hear, with joy, welcome the word; and, these, not having, root, are they who, for a season, believe, —and, in a season of testing, draw back. 14 And, that which in among the thorns fell, these, are they who have heard; and, by anxieties and wealth and pleasures of life being borne along, are choked up, and bear not to perfection. 15 But, that in the good ground, these, are they who, indeed, in a noble and good heart having heard the word, hold fast, and bear fruit with endurance. 16 And, no one having lit a lamp, covereth it up with a vessel, or, beneath a couch, putteth it; but, upon a lamp-stand, putteth it, that, they who come in, may see the light. 17 For there is no secret, which shall not be made, manifest; neither a hidden thing, which shall in anywise not be made known, or not come, where it can be seen. 18 Be taking heed therefore how ye hear; for, whosoever shall have, it shall be given unto him; and, whosoever shall not have, even what he seemeth to have, shall be taken from him. 19 And his mother and brethren came near unto him, and were unable to reach him, because of the multitude. 20 And it was reported to him—Thy mother and thy brethren, are standing outside, desiring, to see, thee. 21 But, he, answering, said unto them—My mother and my brethren, are, these—they who, the word of God, are hearing and doing. 22 And it came to pass, on one of the days, that, he, entered into a boat, and his disciples; and he said unto them—Let us pass over unto the other side of the lake. And they set sail. 23 Now, as they were sailing, he fell asleep. And there came down a hurricane of wind upon the lake, and they began to be filled, and to be in peril. 24 And, coming near, they roused him up, saying—Master! Master! we perish! And, he, roused up, rebuked the wind, and the surging of the water; and they ceased, and it became a calm. 25 And he said unto them—Where was your faith? But, struck with fear, they marvelled, saying one to another—Who then is, this, —that, even unto the winds, he giveth orders, and unto the water, and they hearken unto him. 26 And they sailed down into the country of the Gerasenes, the which is over against Galilee. 27 And, when he went forth upon the land, there met him a certain man, out of the city, having demons; and, for a considerable time, he had put on no garment, and, in a house, would not abide, but among the tombs. 28 But, seeing Jesus, he cried out aloud, and fell down before him, and, with a loud voice, said—What have I in common with thee, O Jesus, Son of [God] the Most High? I beg of thee—Do not torment me!— 29 for he was about to charge the impure spirit to come out from the man. For, many times, had it snatched him away; and he used to be bound with chains and fetters, for a safe-guard, and was wont to break in pieces the bonds, and to be driven by the demon into the deserts. 30 And Jesus questioned him—What name hast thou? And, he, said—Legion! because many demons had entered into him. 31 And they were beseeching him that he would not order them, into the abyss, to depart. (Abyssos g12) 32 Now there was there, a herd of a good many swine, feeding in the mountain; and they besought him, that he would suffer them, into those, to enter; and he suffered them. 33 And the demons, going forth from the man entered into the swine; and the herd rushed down the cliff, into the lake, and were choked. 34 And they who had been feeding them, seeing what had happened, fled, and carried tidings into the city, and into the country-places. 35 And they went forth to see what had happened; and came unto Jesus, and found the man from whom the demons had gone forth, sitting, clothed, and of sound mind, near the feet of Jesus, —and they were struck with fear. 36 And they who had seen it, reported unto them, how the demonized man was saved. 37 And one and all of the throng of the surrounding country of the Gerasenes, requested him, to depart from them; because, with a great fear, were they oppressed. And, he, entering into a boat, returned. 38 And the man from whom the demons had gone forth, began to beg of him, that he might be with him; but he dismissed him, saying— 39 Be returning unto thy house, and telling forth what great things, God, for thee, hath done. And he departed, through all the city, proclaiming what great things, Jesus, had done for him. 40 Now, when Jesus returned, the multitude welcomed him back, for they were all expecting him. 41 And lo! there came a man, whose name was Jairus, and, the same, was, a ruler of the synagogue, —and, falling down near the feet of Jesus, he began beseeching him to enter into his house; 42 because he had, an only-begotten daughter, about twelve years old, and, she, was dying. Now, as he withdrew, the multitudes, were hemming him in. 43 And, a woman, with a flow of blood of twelve years standing, who indeed could, from no one, be cured, 44 coming near behind, touched the fringe of his mantle; and, instantly, was stayed the flow of her blood. 45 And Jesus said—Who, is it that touched me? And, when all were denying, Peter said—Master! the multitudes, are hemming thee in, and pressing along. 46 But, Jesus, said—Some one touched me, for, I, took note of power, gone out from me. 47 And, the woman seeing that she had not escaped notice, trembling, came, and, falling down before him, reported before all the people, for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed instantly! 48 And, he, said to her—Daughter! thy faith, hath saved thee: Go thy way into peace. 49 While yet he is speaking, there cometh one from the synagogue ruler’s, saying—Thy daughter, is dead: No further, be troubling the teacher. 50 But, Jesus, hearing, answered him—Do not fear! Only believe, and she shall be saved. 51 And, when he came into the house, he suffered no one to enter with him, save Peter and John and James, and the father of the girl, and the mother. 52 And they were all weeping, and beating themselves, for her. And he said—Be not weeping; for she died not, but is sleeping. 53 And they were deriding him, knowing that she died. 54 But, he, grasping her hand, called aloud, saying—O girl! arise! 55 And her spirit returned, and she rose up instantly, and he ordered that something should be given her to eat. 56 And her parents were beside themselves. But, he, charged them to tell, no one, what had happened.