Job 11

1 Then answered Zophar the Naamathite, and sayde, 2 Should not the multitude of wordes be answered? or should a great talker be iustified? 3 Should men holde their peace at thy lyes? and when thou mockest others, shall none make thee ashamed? 4 For thou hast sayde, My doctrine is pure, and I am cleane in thine eyes. 5 But, oh that God would speake and open his lippes against thee! 6 That he might shewe thee the secretes of wisedome, howe thou hast deserued double, according to right: know therefore that God hath forgotten thee for thine iniquitie. 7 Canst thou by searching finde out God? canst thou finde out ye Almighty to his perfection? 8 The heauens are hie, what canst thou doe? it is deeper then the hell, how canst thou know it? (Sheol h7585) 9 The measure thereof is longer then the earth, and it is broader then the sea. 10 If hee cut off and shut vp, or gather together, who can turne him backe? 11 For hee knoweth vaine men, and seeth iniquitie, and him that vnderstandeth nothing. 12 Yet vaine man would be wise, though man new borne is like a wilde asse colte. 13 If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him: 14 If iniquitie be in thine hand, put it farre away, and let no wickednesse dwell in thy Tabernacle. 15 The truely shalt thou lift vp thy face without spot, and shalt be stable, and shalt not feare. 16 But thou shalt forget thy miserie, and remember it as waters that are past. 17 Thine age also shall appeare more cleare then the noone day: thou shalt shine and bee as the morning. 18 And thou shalt bee bolde, because there is hope: and thou shalt digge pittes, and shalt lye downe safely. 19 For when thou takest thy rest, none shall make thee afraide: yea, many shall make sute vnto thee. 20 But the eyes of the wicked shall faile, and their refuge shall perish, and their hope shalbe sorow of minde.