1 Chronicles 8

1 Benjamin was the father of Bela (firstborn son), Ashbel (second), Aharah (third), 2 Nohah (fourth), and Rapha (fifth). 3 The sons of Bela were: Addar, Gera, Abihud, 4 Abishua, Naaman, Ahoah, 5 Gera, Shephuphan, and Huram. 6 These were the sons of Ehud, family heads living in Geba, and were exiled to Manahath: 7 Naaman, Ahijah, and Gera. Gera was the one who exiled them. He was the father of Uzza and Ahihud. 8 Shaharaim had sons in Moab after he divorced his wives Hushim and Baara. 9 He married Hodesh and had Jobab, Zibia, Mesha, Malcam, 10 Jeuz, Sakia, and Mirmah. These were all his sons, family heads. 11 He also had sons with Hushim: Abitub and Elpaal. 12 The sons of Elpaal: Eber, Misham, Shemed (he built Ono and Lod with its nearby towns), 13 and Beriah and Shema, who were family heads living in Aijalon and who drove away the people who lived in Gath. 14 Ahio, Shashak, Jeremoth, 15 Zebadiah, Arad, Eder, 16 Michael, Ishpah, and Joha were the sons of Beriah. 17 Zebadiah, Meshullam, Hizki, Heber, 18 Ishmerai, Izliah, and Jobab were the sons of Elpaal. 19 Jakim, Zicri, Zabdi, 20 Elienai, Zillethai, Eliel, 21 Adaiah, Beraiah, and Shimrath were the sons of Shimei. 22 Ishpan, Eber, Eliel, 23 Abdon, Zicri, Hanan, 24 Hananiah, Elam, Anthothijah, 25 Iphdeiah, and Penuel were the sons of Shashak. 26 Shamsherai, Shehariah, Athaliah, 27 Jaareshiah, Elijah, and Zicri were the sons of Jeroham. 28 All these were family heads, according to their genealogy. They lived in Jerusalem. 29 Jeiel founded Gibeon and lived there. His wife was called Maacah. 30 His firstborn son was Abdon, then Zur, Kish, Baal, Ner, Nadab, 31 Gedor, Ahio, Zeker, 32 and Mikloth. Mikloth was the father of Shimeah. They also lived near their relatives in Jerusalem. 33 Ner was the father of Kish, Kish was the father of Saul, and Saul was the father of Jonathan, Malki-Shua, Abinadab and Esh-Baal. 34 The son of Jonathan: Merib-Baal, who was the father of Micah. 35 The sons of Micah: Pithon, Melech, Tarea, and Ahaz. 36 Ahaz was the father of Jehoaddah, Jehoaddah was the father of Alemeth, Azmaveth, and Zimri, and Zimri was the father of Moza. 37 Moza was the father of Binea. Raphah was his son, Eleasah his son, and Azel his son. 38 Azel had six sons. These were their names: Azrikam, Bokeru, Ishmael, Sheariah, Obadiah and Hanan. These were all the sons of Azel. 39 The sons of his brother Eshek: Ulam (firstborn), Jeush (second), and Eliphelet (third). 40 The sons of Ulam were strong warriors and skilled archers. They had many sons and grandsons—a total of 150. All of them were the sons of Benjamin.