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Thank you for your interest in re-publishing Aionian Bible content. The Aionian Bible is copyrighted with the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works license allowing 100% freedom to copy and print, but further editorial and translation work must begin with the sources. Third party publishers are welcome to re-print and re-publish any Aionian Bible content without alteration for free and commercial enterprise, except at Amazon KDP and Lulu. All re-published content must retain the Aionian Bible Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works license as originally imprinted, and respect the source text copyright. Also the Holy Bible Aionian Edition® registered trademark must be included as originally imprinted on the Aionian Bible content. Further, the Holy Bible Aionian Edition® registered trademark may not be used on any other content. The purpose of the trademark is not profiteering, but to put a legal wrapper around the effort, especially while we mature the project. If you have any usage and licensing questions please ask.

Aionian Bible text repositories:

Aionian Bible Content Management System (ABCMS):
The Aionian Bible Content Management System (ABCMS) also known as A Basic Content Management System is in production at The development philosophy of the first production release was simply to reliably publish as many Bibles as possible in as short a time as possible while being willing to compromise approved programming practices as needed for expediency. For example, we used lots of global variables, very carefully and without shame. Nainoia Inc believes that we are in a spiritual war-time status and we serve accordingly. When duct tape worked and was at hand we did not run for the hammer and nails. And with the Lord's help we have published many Bible translations in many languages both online and in print with a skeleton crew. Having reached our first major milestone, Lord willing, we now plan to rewrite the content management system with the source code being available for comment, collaboration, and additional online applications. And we have a cool plan for our global variables! Watch our progress at

All Aionian Bible content is made publically available under Creative Commons licensing for three reasons: 1) to enable third party distribution of the unaltered Aionian Bible publications, whether free or commercial, 2) to encourage further research in Bible texts, and 3) to release the Aionian Bible project content and the Holy Bible Aionian Edition® trademark to the public domain in the case that Nainoia, Inc. or a future copyright holder becomes defunct. Please feel free to archive copies of the entire project until then. And finally because Holy Bible Aionian Edition® is a registered trademark it MAY NOT be used by any other entity except Nainoia Inc for commercial sales on the Amazon KDP and Lulu print on demand platforms which is our chosen outlet to sell these Bibles as inexpensively as possible. Any questions please ask.

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