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03/31/21  214 translations now available in 99 languages.

12/01/20  Right to left and Hindic languages now available in PDF format.

08/29/20  Aionian Bibles now available in ePub format.

05/25/20  Illustrations by Gustave Doré, La Grande Bible de Tours, (Felix Just, S.J., Catholic-Resources.org/Art/Dore.htm).

02/22/20  Aionian Bibles available in print at Lulu.com.

10/31/19  174 translations now available in 74 languages.

03/24/19  135 translations now available in 67 languages.

11/17/18  104 translations now available in 57 languages.

10/20/18  70 translations now available in 33 languages.

03/06/18  Aionian Bibles available in print at Amazon.com.

02/01/18  Holy Bible Aionian Edition® trademark registered.

09/02/17  Strong's Concordance and Glossary added at AionianBible.org/Strongs, sourced from viz.bible.

07/30/17  42 translations now available in 22 languages.

07/01/17  'The Purple Bible' nickname begins.

01/20/17  Join the discussion at Facebook.com/AionianBible.

01/16/17  Aionian Bible Google Play Store App published.

01/01/17  Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works 4.0 license added.

12/07/16  Nainoia Inc established as non-profit corporation.

06/21/16  30 translations available in 12 languages.

01/11/16  AionianBible.org domain registered.

06/21/15  Aionian Bible project remembered in God's timing as G. and J. pray.

04/15/85  Aionian Bible project conceived as B. and J. pray.