The Aionian Bible republishes public domain Bibles that are 100% free to copy and print, freed from copyright restriction. All versions are available online at AionianBible.org in web page and PDF format, with the Aionian Bible Google Play Store App, and also in print at Amazon! We are working to add ePub format as well. Thanks for praying!

03/06/18  All Aionian Bibles available in print at Amazon!

02/14/18  Further, Aionian Bible publication at Amazon!

02/01/18  Holy Bible Aionian Edition® trademark registered.

10/15/17  Full featured Strong's number search engine and navigation added.

09/02/17  Strong's Concordance and Glossary added at AionianBible.org/Strongs, sourced from viz.bible.

07/04/17  The first print publication at Amazon, yayyy! Holy Bible Aionian Edition® : World English Version

07/01/17  'The Purple Bible' nickname begins

01/20/17  Join the discussion at Facebook.com/AionianBible.

01/16/17  Aionian Bible Google Play Store App published

01/01/17  Creative Commons No-Derivative Works license added

01/01/17  Holy Bible Aionian Edition™ trademarked

12/07/16  Nainoia Inc established as non-profit corporation.

01/11/16  AionianBible.org domain registered.

06/21/15  The Aionian Bible project conceived as two Christians pray.