Psalms 6

1For the leader; with instrumental music on the sheminith. A psalm of David. Rebuke me not, Lord, in your anger, punish me not in your wrath. 2Lord, be gracious to me in my weakness. Heal me Lord, for racked is my body; 3all of me utterly racked. Why do you wait so long, Lord? 4Turn, Lord, rescue me; save me, because of your love. 5For in death none can call you to mind; in Sheol who can praise you? (Sheol h7585) 6I am so weary of sighing. All the night I make my bed swim, and wet my couch with my tears. 7My eyes swollen with grief; from weeping caused by my foes. 8Begone, workers of wrong, for the Lord has heard my loud weeping, 9the Lord has heard my entreaty, the Lord accepts my prayer. 10My foes will be stricken with terror, brought to shame and dismay in a moment.