Psalms 5

1For the leader: A psalm of David, to be accompanied by the flute. Hear my words, Lord: give heed to my whisper. 2Attend to my loud cry for help, my king and my God. 3When I pray to you, Lord, in the morning, hear my voice. I make ready for you in the morning, and look for a sign. 4For you are no God who takes pleasure in wickedness: no one of evil can be your guest. 5No braggarts can stand in your presence, you hate all workers of wrong. 6You destroy all speakers of lies, people of blood and deceit you abhor. 7But I, through your kindness abundant, may enter your house, and towards the shrine of your temple may reverently bow. 8Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies. Make your way level before me. 9For their mouth is a stranger to truth, their heart is a pit of destruction. Their throat is a wide open grave, their tongue the smooth tongue of the hypocrite. 10Condemn them, God; let their schemes bring them down to the ground. For their numberless crimes thrust them down for playing the rebel against you. 11But let all who take refuge in you ring out their gladness forever. Protect those who love your name, so they may exult in you. 12For you give your blessing, Lord, to the godly, and the shield of your favour protects them.