Psalms 38

1A Psalm of David. A lament. Reprove me not, Lord, in your anger, and chasten me not in your wrath; 2for your arrows have sunk into me, and your hand lies heavy upon me. 3In my flesh is no soundness because of your anger, no health in my bones, because of my sin. 4For that my guilt is gone over my head: it weighs like a burden too heavy for me. 5My wounds stink and fester, for my foolishness I am tormented. 6Bent and bowed am I utterly, all the day going in mourning. 7My loins are filled with burning, and in my flesh is no soundness. 8I am utterly crushed and numb; I cry louder than lion roars. 9Lord, you know all that I long for, my groans are not hidden from you. 10My heart is throbbing, my strength has failed me. The light of my eyes— even it is gone from me. 11My dear ones and friends keep aloof, and my neighbours stand afar off. 12They who aim at my life lay their snares, they who seek my hurt speak of ruin, nursing treachery all the day long. 13But I turn a deaf ear and hear not; like the dumb I open not my mouth. 14I am like one without hearing, with no arguments in my mouth. 15For my hope, O Lord, is in you. You will answer, O Lord my God, 16when I utter the hope that those who made scorn of my tottering feet may not rejoice over me. 17For I am ready to fall, my pain forsakes me never. 18I acknowledge my guilt, I am anxious because of my sin: 19My wanton assailants are strong, those who wrongfully hate me are many, 20who render me evil for good, and oppose me, because I make good my goal. 21Do not forsake me, O Lord; my God, be not far from me. 22Hasten to help me, O Lord my saviour.