Aionian Bible

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Aionian Bible
Nainoia Inc Aionian Verse retranslation of New Heart English Bible via Marshall
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Additional Information: is not one Bible, but a library of public domain and Creative Common Bible texts. In each Bible republication the original text is wholly unaltered, except for this particular translation which is named the Aionian Bible translation. The Aionian Bible translation is a new translation identical to the New Heart English Bible except for the retranslation of the two hundred sixty verses containing Aionian Glossary words, the usage of 'non-Jew' is replaced with 'Gentile,' and a few additional verses are revised to correspond with the Hebrew and Greek. This new translation includes the same notes as every Bible in the Aionian Bible library, but also retranslates the Aionian Glossary words to more accurately reflect the underlying Hebrew and Greek words. Every verse retranslation in the Aionian Bible is based on meticulous reference to the underlying Greek and Hebrew text. Learn more about the underlying languages from Dr. Heleen Keizer and Ramelli and Konstan. Also note that the New Heart English Bible considers Old Testament manuscripts beyond the Masoretic Text in its textual criticism as fully explained in Scribal Skips by Wayne Mitchell. The New Heart English Bible was chosen as a base text simply because it is the most readable public domain English translation.
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