Aionian Bible

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Aionian Bible
Nainoia, Inc Aionian Verse retranslation of World English Bible via Marshall
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0
Additional Information:
The Aionian Bible is not one Bible, but an entire library of public domain and Creative Common Bible texts. In each of the Bible republications the original text is wholly unaltered, except for this particular translation which is named the Aionian Bible translation. The Aionian Bible translation is a new translation identical to the public domain World English Bible except for the retranslation of one hundred fifty-five of the two hundred sixty-three verses containing Aionian Glossary words. This new translation includes the same inline notes as every Bible in the Aionian Bible library, but also retranslates the Aionian Glossary words to more accurately reflect the underlying Hebrew and Greek words. Every verse retranslation in the Aionian Bible is based on meticulous reference to Marshall's NASB-NIV PARALLEL NEW TESTAMENT IN GREEK AND ENGLISH which uses the 21st edition of Eberhard Nestle's Novum Testamentum Graece.
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